19 Photos - Oct 31, 2013
Photo: We pass the spooky yard on the way to the first haunted house.Photo: The Great Pumpkin lives afterall!Photo: Looking up the street at the Church on the hill.  The town was booming in the gold mining days.Photo: A place for ghost to rest behind the first haunted house.Photo: No ghosts in the yard either.Photo: Any window was a candidate for the ghost.Photo: There was a story of a ghost in the upstairs window.Photo: The guides had a picture of a ghost figure in the window behind the bullet hole and this would mean that the figure was 10 ft off the ground.Photo: Inside the house from the left of the door.Photo: Still no ghost.Photo: Where is it?Photo: Yes, my first ghost picture.Photo: Ghost, Girl, or Blur?Photo: The most haunted room of ALL!Photo: Written in blood by the StackerPhoto: A blur or something more?  Yeah, a blur!Photo: Optical effect ... OR ... Hanging Ghost.Photo: End of the Tour, Still AlivePhoto: Poking around after the tour.