21 Photos - Jun 9, 2013
Photo: Stanford Team preparing their rocket at FAR June 2013Photo: The road to FAR, looks cloudy but it was not stormy.Photo: Wind Farm behind the Mojave AirportPhoto: FAR Storage units and quonset  hut shopPhoto: UCSD senior design project, rocket body.Photo: Packing the parachute for the UCSD liquid fueled rocketPhoto: First flight candidate, took 5 countdowns before ignition.Video: The small green rocket parachute returning to EarthVideo: UCSD second rocket which exploded in the middle and broke into two pieces.Photo: Exploded rocket body.Photo: Two stage hybrid/solid rocket mounted in a scaffold style rail by the Stanford student team.Photo: 2 stage rocket zoomed in.Photo: Compressed gas for the hybrid rocket motorPhoto: Another tank, this one buried to make sure it doesn't fall over.Photo: Another close up of the Hybrid lower stage.Photo: The bottom section with holes is for the rocket exhaust.Photo: Dave Dunlop and myself on the Vertical Test stand for static motor tests.Photo: Vertical Static Motor test stand.Photo: Four new bunkers, we viewed the rockets from one of these.Video: Stanford student hybrid lift off.Photo: UCSD Senior Student project liquid fueled rocket mounted on the rail.