19 Photos - Feb 10, 2012
Photo: Pictures along the walls at the main entrance, lower level.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Upstairs front hallway, stairs to the rightPhoto: Stairs down, door on left is exercise roomPhoto: B2 Science LabPhoto: From the staircase, my desk is middle all the way back.Photo: Room too small to get a picture, door, cabinet and corner of bedPhoto: Hallway to berts, looking back from my room.Photo: Entrance to berthing wing, ladies room on left.Photo: Stairs between levels and hallway toward the "Beer Can" end of the station.Photo: Galley, upstairs from previous picture.Photo: Galley from the other end.  Line to the left.Photo: Crafts room with Kachia writing letters.Photo: Upstairs hall, near center of statioin, midnight sun shinging in.Photo: Fire crew lockersPhoto: Ouside the galley is a daily fliers area for rec activities over the summer.Photo: More fire lockers, notice boots and coveralls ready for action.