21 Photos - Jan 1, 2012
Photo: New Years Eve Bash at South Pole, 1 of 4 bandsPhoto: Band setting up and sound check in the Gym.Photo: Balloons to kick around the dance floor.Photo: Party Favors wait for the crowd.Photo: Band #1 under cool lightingPhoto: Band #1 with the flash.Photo: Jeremy - where is your costume?Photo: Band #2 singing Happy Birthday to KatiePhoto: Band #3Photo: Bob and Bob from the PENGUIn project.Photo: Diane and Liaza waiting for the dancing to start.Photo: Guy Tygat and I squinting into the flash.Photo: Robert McPherron and I swing dancing.Photo: Carolyn and Flint in character.Photo: Swing it Michelle.Photo: Rockin up to Midnight.Photo: The crowd.Photo: Caroline and Michele rocking to the DJ music.Photo: Dance Crowd.Photo: Dancing the year away.Photo: The after midnight die hards.