22 Photos - Dec 23, 2011
Photo: A few stragglers approaching the starting line, Pole sign to the right.Photo: Vehicles lined up to the left ready to go as wellPhoto: And they are off, to race around the world in 19 minutes or more.Photo: Following the pack, track curves right ahead, ARO building in the backgroundPhoto: A shot as folks round the bend.Photo: A long line of racers headed toward Summer CampPhoto: One of the floats using the wooden wagon and the track van.Photo: Everyone and their Gumby were in attendance.Photo: With the wind in our faces, we pass... oh gosh I can't tell where this isPhoto: Crossing the fuel line, another float headed for the Dark SectorPhoto: You just have to believe me that the starting line is on the other side of the world from here.Photo: Barely in the background is the MAPO Building and scopes of the Dark SectorPhoto: Leaving the Dark Sector to meander up to the visitor's campPhoto: The last float rounding the bend and another straggler peering into the fog.Photo: Behind me a few people strayed toward the vehicle track and I was no longer in the rear but not too many left again.Photo: Photo: And then she passes me too.  Ahead is the Visitor's center, behind is he Visitor camp.Photo: The finish line at last.  On the right, the tack monitor cheering us on.Photo: End of the RacePhoto: One more photo on the pole marker sidePhoto: Race OfficialsPhoto: Zandra in costume style on skies