12 Photos - Nov 25, 2011
Photo: Eclipse Begins: Note sunspots in a line on the rightPhoto: A bit later but with more of the projected screen showingPhoto: Later still, cropped tightPhoto: Near maximum occultation.Photo: Moon sliding on outPhoto: We are getting the sun backPhoto: Last in the set, note sunspots again.Photo: Cool projection on the shadow of the Binoculars new maxPhoto: Wide angle view of projection, Large Circle to the left is the table top, paper slanted in the middle, open side of binoculars on left, cardboard over right binocular for dark backgroundPhoto: The cardboard used to make a shadow for projecting had pinholes in it.  Above the image is a pinhole projected image.Photo: Left dark circle is left binocular shadow (open to the sun), cardboard shield is the black area in center and right.  Pinhole projected image also shows on rightPhoto: Best image I got of the binoculars, projected image is washed out.