38 Photos - Nov 21, 2011
Photo: Moutntain Islands of AntarcticaPhoto: Sea Ice, Dark is new ice (thinner)Photo: Sea Ice on the way to McMurcoPhoto: Inside the C17 flight to McMurco, I was in the middle sectionPhoto: View from the front.Photo: Cargo in the backPhoto: View forward from my seat.Photo: View from the other side.Photo: Cockpit of C17 to McMurdoPhoto: 80 people unloading, Flint on the right.Photo: The red coats are coming....againPhoto: Jet engine, forklifts, mountains - we are in AntarcticaPhoto: Loading up on Ivan.Photo: Unloading the cargo.Photo: McMurdo Airfield.  It was a bit of a ride to the station.Photo: another viewPhoto: Inside Ivan, someone brought a small guitar.Photo: Only shot of McMurdo that I got.Photo: My bunk,one of five, one of three occupied.Photo: Mt. Erebus Volcano in the white background, Wind turbines on the right hill.Photo: Next morning, loading a smaller Airforce Jet to PolePhoto: Glaciar motion behind the mountain.Photo: Taking pictures like I have never seen ice and mountains before.Photo: Nice contrast in this one.Photo: Snow field has a very frosting like appearance.Photo: Photo: Photo: Full resolution for desktop.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I was gasping with excitement amidst jet fumes to realize I was actually here.Photo: Welcome committee and passengers.Photo: Entering the front door.Photo: Recycle bins at McMurdoPhoto: The other half of them.Photo: Blurry but only shot of the inside of the Pole flight.Photo: NSF commited Air Force Jet.