26 Photos - Nov 20, 2011
Photo: Don't see trees like this in Alaska.  Christchurch, NZ.Photo: River park we walked on as we started our journey around downtown.Photo: Church, quake damage and large tree.Photo: More of the park.Photo: Note the lady on the right, ringing the church bell for service.Photo: Christchurch landmark fenced off for earthquake inpection and repair.Photo: Shipping container ville.  Before the quake a building was here that blocked the parking garage in the back.Photo: Across the street, more temporary shops in brightly painted shipping containers.Photo: End of the line.  Shipping container ville behind us, ahead, no access to most of downtown still cleaning up from earthquake in Feb. 2011 (now Nov.)Photo: Looking up the street at the damaged street.  Couldn't get a good picture for the fencing.Photo: Some wandering Yankies.  Myslef in the middle.Photo: Parking garage - careful with that last step. (middle of the garage)Photo: Other end of the parking garagePhoto: Mix of commercial and historical establishments.Photo: The few hills of Christchurch, NZPhoto: Quake damage, broken windows on all these buildings and the street.Photo: New Zealand fowl.Photo: See close up next photo.Photo: This building needs some help.Photo: Looks normal for AK, but quake damage to the sidewalkPhoto: The ground is opening up.  See next photo inside the shopPhoto: The inside of the building is still turned over from the earthquake in Feb.  (now Nov). 2011Photo: Lots of damage to this one.Photo: Earthquake damagePhoto: Looks okay from the outside but is fenced off.  Too bad such magnificent buildings were damaged.Photo: I like how the curtains are blowing out of the windows