49 Photos - Mar 17, 2008
Photo: Our Clubs New 15 Year Leader Club AwardPhoto: Ken and his B-25 MitchellPhoto: Paul & his BipePhoto: Sam and the BluehawkPhoto: Rick OxfordPhoto: Photo: Fred and his control linePhoto: Travis and his Mini PulsePhoto: Caleb and his StorchPhoto: Grant's BipePhoto: Sam and his ArrowPhoto: CalebPhoto: Scott and his sail planePhoto: How do I land this thing?Photo: Hey, crashing is FUN!Photo: Ready for the feast!Photo: A good meal!Photo: Small talk before dinnerPhoto: LauraPhoto: Scott and wifePhoto: IzzyPhoto: Grant and JudyPhoto: Paul with our guestsPhoto: Do we have enough to pay the bill?Photo: Waiting for the food!Photo: Our guest speaker and wifePhoto: Frank StrittmatterPhoto: Caleb and PaulinePhoto: The Anderson'sPhoto: Bruce talking with BonniePhoto: Bonnie and JudyPhoto: Roger and HerbPhoto: Judging the models on displayPhoto: More judgingPhoto: Caleb's "Storch"Photo: Ken's B-25Photo: B-25 Close UpPhoto: Pauls "Pitts"Photo: Sam and CalebPhoto: Sam and ScottPhoto: Sam and KennyPhoto: Sam and KennyPhoto: Sam and CliffPhoto: The Yuhas FamilyPhoto: Sam and RickPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: