20 Photos - Jan 23, 2013
Photo: This is us, before. The weekend before it began, in Memphis with our bff ACliff.Photo: everyone has got to start somewhere.Photo: The last supper: chicken and wafflesPhoto: and fried pie...Photo: cleansing the cupboardsPhoto: cleansing continued...Photo: some stuff just needs to be gone not givenPhoto: the new counter topPhoto: Photo: I get by with a little help (and encouragement) from my friends.Photo: the first big clothing purgePhoto: 2 months in - rachelPhoto: 3 months in! In tulum.Photo: 5 months? Look at her go!Photo: Photo: 6 months in. 60 pounds gone.Photo: 6 months in and 55 pounds gonePhoto: love love lovePhoto: look at them pipes!Photo: rawr!