48 Photos - Jun 19, 2012
Photo: First thing upon arriving in town, I had to rush to check into my lodging before it left port!Photo: DamageX guarded my stuff while I went off to find parking.Photo: The early-birds and my junk.Photo: Luis, Krue, and Epoxy joined me for dinner.Photo: Krue and EpoxyPhoto: Photo: The party place on Friday night, note the bar!Photo: Ziphoid running streams for SceneSat, DrClaw mixing audio.Photo: Coda performs some lush chiptunes.Photo: Back in the schooner, the cabin I slept in.Photo: It's a lot prettier and easier to navigate by day.Photo: From the bow.Photo: That's the facts, Jack.Photo: Luis signs the greets scrollerfor my OHP demo.Photo: Bathsheba makes demoish objects for fun and profit.Photo: Bathsheba's sculpture.Photo: More of her work.Photo: Owen Williams gave a talk on boodler.Photo: Ziphoid, introduced the crowd to SceneSatPhoto: Bathsheba blows our minds in 14 ways.Photo: Med brought the original Telstar game console, he and Luis battle it out.Photo: The room during Zarf's talk on Newform 7.Photo: Veritech Knight, Med(NAID organzers, and Phoenix reminisce.Photo: Ken Gagne schools us on Apple and Kansasfest.Photo: Jason Scott, coda, and Krue chatting.Photo: Vertech Knight, Med, and Mr.Khan watch "Memories of NAID," a DVD of video from the parties they organized in the 90's.Photo: Saturday compo anticipation.Photo: Compo watchersPhoto: The Northern Dragons presented a 4k intro in 3D, providing glasses for everyone.Photo: Photo: Franky and Ziphoid provide commentary on SceneSat.Photo: Boston's renegade bicycle chopper gang payed a visit at the end of the compos and showed us their awesome rides.Photo: Photo: Madbrain and Luis walking back to the hotel, having been denied beverages by the 2AM closing of the bars.Photo: I remembered I had a little party favor in my luggage.Photo: 50ml of Red Curacao on the rocks shared four ways...Photo: Cheers with Madbrain, Luis, and A-san.Photo: Luis has his eyes on the prizes, waiting for the awards ceremony.Photo: Photo: Metoikos deals the goods at the award ceremonyPhoto: Photo: CodaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Manhattan from Luis's place.Photo: The Intrepid museum with it's fantasy air force of exhibits.Photo: The Freedom Tower under construction.