275 Photos - Mar 16, 2013
Photo: Bart's brother Brad drove us from Atlanta to the middle of nowhere, near Flagg Mountain.  He and Senetha hosted us for days . . . they are amazingly patient.Photo: On top of Flagg Mountain with Blister BobPhoto: The tower was so cool.  The mist was also cool.Photo: Angel and Kent, trail angelsPhoto: Hey Tim, look at their ribbon!Photo: Relaxing along Alabama's Pinhoti TrailPhoto: Thank you Maggie for the best zero day!  This piece of heaven was just what we needed.Photo: Cheaha - happy to see sunshine!Photo: Alabama is stunning.Photo: Photo: My favorite place we slept in Alabama.  Watching the sunset from here was amazing.Photo: A retarding damPhoto: Attack of the blue paint!!!Photo: Shelter?! 
woohooooo!Photo: I ate 2nd breakfast here while waiting for Bart.Photo: Heading towards another shelter - an easy and beautiful 10-mile dayPhoto: The first GET blaze we saw. I was so happy.Photo: Scorched Earth sectionPhoto: The pits of hell!  It was very beautiful.Photo: I love the Pinhoti!Photo: Sunset on our last night in AlabamaPhoto: Woohoo Georgia!Photo: Our first state crossing!Photo: Bart finds a bright spot in road constructionPhoto: There he did it!Photo: Angie and Ramar are our trail angels!Photo: A long roadwalk in Georgia.  Storm's coming!Photo: A delightful place to stop . . . for awhile . . .Photo: Cloudland CanyonPhoto: Sourdough's most amazing breakfastPhoto: We wouldn't have seen this if not for Sourdough.  You rock!Photo: We love Cloudland Canyon!Photo: Photo: Sourdough and Fennel find a yurtPhoto: ALI!  She found us!Photo: Big Frog Mtn from Ali's placePhoto: Bart and Ali and Mike!  Awesome time with them!Photo: Paw and Maw just happened to drive by.  Wow!Photo: Entering Tennessee and goodbye Georgia . . .Photo: BrrrPhoto: We scare people away from trails.Photo: Walnut Street Pedestrian BridgePhoto: On air - just before our interview with Jeff StylesPhoto: Rabbit from public radio!Photo: We were so excited!Photo: The Cumberland Trail!Photo: Helloooo Cumberland Trail!Photo: Cumberland Trail rocksPhoto: We loved the great signagePhoto: Stunning rock shelters were a frequent Cumberland Trail featurePhoto: The water tasted sketchy but it was beautiful.Photo: Photo: We found a big rock.Photo: Photo: hiking. It's what we do.Photo: Immodium Falls!Photo: I almost pushed him in.Photo: Ali and Choda came to hike with us!  They are super fun.Photo: Lunch spot on a cool, blustery day.Photo: BEST SIGN EVERPhoto: Us and our buddy Levonn!Photo: One of Bart's 342 pictures of barns in the Sequatchie ValleyPhoto: These horses were calm and happy until Bart tried to get a picture of them.  We scare wildlife.Photo: Could be wrong, but I think this guy doesn't want us trespassing.Photo: Brady MountainPhoto: It's not the end anymore!  Way to go, volunteers!Photo: Spring housePhoto: Powerlines!!!Photo: :)Photo: Boar skullPhoto: And sometimes we only average a mile an hour. :)Photo: Karen and Gary, our trail angels in Wartburg!Photo: Mushroom Rock in Frozen Head State ParkPhoto: Loving the views in Frozen HeadPhoto: There's a wild boar.  I didn't get closer to get a better picture!Photo: The reclaimed sites felt meadowy and often had great views.Photo: reclaimed site south of CaryvillePhoto: Beauty & the beast - splendid views of far off mountains & views of destructionPhoto: Photo: Morning beer - trailmagic!Photo: Don't fall!Photo: Window RockPhoto: Window rockPhoto: Between Caryville and LaFollettePhoto: more rocksPhoto: One of my favorite sections of the GET.  Very grateful for the ladder!Photo: Cumberland GapPhoto: Morgan and Adam brightened our day!  Fun to share The Pinnacle hike with them!Photo: Welcome to KentuckyPhoto: GOOD MORNING KENTUCKY!Photo: It was a special morning.Photo: Oh good.  Snow!Photo: We hiked down to 987 to roadwalk into Harlan.Photo: Kentucky . . . snowy, cold, beautiful, friendly, and . . . informativePhoto: Kentucky looks like this in my memories.Photo: Goss Park holds a special place in our hearts.Photo: A special tent spot.Photo: This made us laugh a lot.Photo: Beautiful sunset from Goss ParkPhoto: Everything we owned froze!Photo: Kingdom Come State ParkPhoto: Then it snowed some more.Photo: And it continued to snow.Photo: Snowed some more.Photo: Bart looks great in snow.Photo: WOW.Photo: Maple syruping with Shad and ChrisPhoto: Bart and Shad at Little Shepherd Trail end/beginning of Highlands Section of Pine Mountain Trail.Photo: How do I manage to look totally geeky while Bart looks almost epic?  Eeesh.Photo: Sunny snowPhoto: More snowPhoto: Bart's favorite treePhoto: Gosh, it's like we're hiking in March or something.Photo: Wahoo!  Views near High RockPhoto: Every rock was Slip n Slide this day!Photo: This is my favorite picture of Bart ever.Photo: Detritus left from a rescue the night before.  Bart scored a new pair of socks!Photo: Photo: sunshinePhoto: Photo: end of a long and fun dayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Fun!Photo: Birch Knob ShelterPhoto: done!Photo: Photo: It's impossible to not love the Pine Mountain TrailPhoto: Pine Mountain Trail viewsPhoto: Goldfish pondPhoto: Almost done with the PMTPhoto: PMTPhoto: Elkhorn CityPhoto: Jo, Wooly Nelson, and JamesPhoto: Heading out of Elkhorn CityPhoto: Couple of geeksPhoto: Hiking near the future Pike County Energy TrailPhoto: Photo: days are getting longer . . .Photo: roadwalk of deathPhoto: almost ready for spring!Photo: Everything is great in this picture.Photo: Almost heaven!Photo: Paul and Tim and Bart!  Thanks guys for joining us!Photo: The floodwallPhoto: View from King CoalPhoto: Some of my favorite people! Tim, Ruby, Paul, and some bearded guyPhoto: Bart and Tim ascend out of BaileysvillePhoto: Bart helped to flag the trail between Baileysville and PinevillePhoto: Flagging trail with TimPhoto: The Holy Grail TowerPhoto: Wyoming County CourthousePhoto: Bart, Mayor Ellison, Jo, TimPhoto: We got to follow the firetruck through town.  A 3-person parade!Photo: Tim explores.  Always.Photo: Paul, Tim, and Bart have lunchPhoto: What a dork.Photo: It's a car mirror that fit on his head.  Yeah.Photo: Bart enjoys the first-ever blazed section of GET at Twin Falls!Photo: Bugs' bridgePhoto: A warm welcomingPhoto: Awww.Photo: A zero day" drying clothes with SulaPhoto: Sula drives a JeepPhoto: Sula loves mudPhoto: Dylan and BartPhoto: Devils ForkPhoto: A very wet trailPhoto: Darn beavers.Photo: Huh.Photo: A completely destroyed state forest.Photo: A view of 77Photo: Bluestone Turnpike TrailPhoto: Hinton's shebangPhoto: Hinton, WVPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Beer in the ditchPhoto: Photo: Bart looks over West VirginiaPhoto: We reached the Allegheny Trail!Photo: Yellow-blazed ALTPhoto: View from Hanging RockPhoto: Hanging out at Hanging RockPhoto: View from Hanging RockPhoto: Photo: Hanging Rock Raptor ObservatoryPhoto: DividePhoto: View near Graham ShelterPhoto: Graham Shelter PrivyPhoto: Graham ShelterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bogan's Run Trail . . . smokin!Photo: Apparently the trail was closed.  Huh.Photo: Chattanooga cakePhoto: Warm Springs, VAPhoto: View near Reddish KnobPhoto: Bother Knob - high pointPhoto: Bother Knob - high pointPhoto: Near Bergton, VAPhoto: Flood!Photo: nice trailPhoto: Photo: Tibbett KnobPhoto: Bridge out to Big SchlossPhoto: Near Big SchlossPhoto: Big SchlossPhoto: Big SchlossPhoto: Welcome to the Tuscarora Trail! hahaPhoto: Photo: Photo: The PinnaclePhoto: our first rocksPhoto: Tuscarora Trail shelterPhoto: Bart on his bdayPhoto: Food in the ditch!  Woooo!Photo: Sleep Creek WMAPhoto: Tuscarora TrailPhoto: Hancock, Maryland hostelPhoto: Tuscarora jumpoffPhoto: Photo: Pennsylvania's Standing Stone Trail!Photo: Photo: A cool stilePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: A Standing Stone!Photo: Hall of the Mtn King - SSTPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A list of everyone (most everyone) who helped us out along the way!Photo: