31 Photos - Jun 11, 2014
Photo: Apéro with Craig and Edmond on the first night of the show, with the poster in the background.Photo: Joe Sacco just hugged Baudoin after learning that Edmond was an accountant until the age of 30, when he gave it up to become an artist.Photo: View of the third floor of the library that hosts the festival. Carrels turned into dédicace stations.Photo: lining up for Baudoin and Craig Thompson.Photo: Edmond Baudoin and Craig Thompson.Photo: relatively-newly-weds, Antoine Dodé and Miran Kim, give us the Intergalactic Asian Photo Salute.Photo: My students in the comics program at the Université de Haute Picardie in Amiens ran a series of workshops over the weekend, promoted the new program (they're the first class), and hawked copies of the magazine they made (featuring a brand-new one-pager by me).Photo: La Fabrique de la Bande Dessinée, drawing demo by Pozla in progress.Photo: It's hard being Boulet.Photo: Boulet and Portland-via-Paris Oni artist Natalie Nourigat (on la croirait bien française avec un nom comme ça!)Photo: Busy social schedule every evening for authors and staff, usually an "apéro" in one place followed by a big move en masse to the dinner spot.Photo: my co-teacher Kris chats with students from the Amiens comics program.Photo: Dinner Saturday was in a university building referred to locally as the flying saucer. Across the Somme river you can see the imposing Amiens Cathedral, one of the biggest in Europe.Photo: Free pinball machines. Nuff said. (That's our son playing for the first time. It's now his favorite game ever.)Photo: Baudoin chats with Fumio Obata and Justin Wadlow, one of the organizers of the festivalPhoto: Jessica chats with Joe Sacco and Marta whose last name I'm afraid I don't know.Photo: Matt had a late night out with the kids (not our kids: 1 AM was late enough for them!) including the fashionable Mathilde Domecq and the artist Maël, both of whom had exhibits of their work at the festival.Photo: First group of departing artists, we say goodbye to Clément Baloup (he, too, had a nice exhibit of his work) and his girlfriend Marta.Photo: Those who stayed late Sunday got an extra treat, dinner in an excellent restaurant on a small spit of land separating the Somme from Les Hortillonages, a network of canals among small garden plots, kind of like Xochimilco in Mexico City.Photo: Boulet also had an exhibit (who didn't?!) but he had a 3-D printer that some design students installed to churn out dinosaurs and Bouletian "mini-mes" (pictured)Photo: Boulet appears to have just realized that there is a fatal flaw in his plan to take over the world.Photo: An imminent beheading in Amiens Cathedral. Justin told me that striped pants indicate heathenism in these carvings.Photo: Amiens CathedralPhoto: Amiens CathedralPhoto: For armchair pilgrims who can't be bothered to walk all the way to Santiago de Compostela, this snaking path was designed to replicate the experience in miniature. Unlike our children, true believers were expected to walk this path on their knees.Photo: series of carvings representing the seasons in northern France using, oddly enough, Zodiac signs (top). Here a humble man warms his feet and grills a fish while waiting for the spring.Photo: Amiens Cathedral, Judgment Day: clothed people go to heaven, naked people go to HELL.Photo: Amiens Cathedral.Photo: Amiens Cathedral: figure supporting a tiny Jerusalem on which stands a Saint. Apparently one of the few spots on the facade where the artisans were allowed free reign.Photo: Amiens Cathedral, more of the bases (note how each Jerusalem is different, too)Photo: Amiens Cathedral compared to the birthmark on Matt's ear for scale