45 Photos - Apr 7, 2012
Photo: This week our family movie night will be "We Bought A Zoo". But before we start our movie night, I'm going to make a healthy movie snack of Fruit Cup Salsa (using Del Monte Diced Peaches) and baked tortilla chips. I'm headed to Walmart to get everything I need for feeding my zoo...and these are my photos.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions...as always...are 100% my own.Photo: Before leaving for Walmart, I saw this We Bought A Zoo ad in the Parade section of our local Sunday paper! It said that I should look for a coupon at Walmart for $4 off on We Bought a Zoo when I buy two participating pet food or treats. I will definitely be looking for this.Photo: We've arrived at Walmart and we're headed in! Today I'm shopping with my husband and my youngest son, Mattie.Photo: Here's my grocery list. With having 3 cats, we frequently need to buy cat food, so I will be picking up Meow Mix. I'm also picking up some Del Monte Fruit Cups because I am going to be making a fruit cup salsa with them for us to enjoy while we watch the movie "We Bought A Zoo". All the rest of this list is either for my fruit cup salsa or our dinner for tonight which will be sub sandwiches and chips and dip.Photo: Our first stop: the pet food department. Right away, we see this  endcap display that features Meow Mix. I rarely buy an item right off the endcap though, since I know this might not be the only variety and I like to compare prices on the aisle where everything is located.Photo: We headed down the cat aisle towards the cat food.Photo: We saw lots of options for Meow Mix, but I was on search for the $4 off coupon...plus I was curious which sizes I would need to get to use the coupon.Photo: After finding the coupon, we realized we needed to buy the 13.5 lb bag of Meow Mix Tender Centers or the 24 lb bag of Meow Mix Original. There was also options for dog food and dog treats, but we don't have a dog, so that won't apply to us.Photo: Here's the big 24lb bag. While we did consider this, we thought we might want to try their new variety, the Meow Mix Tender Centers, and see how our cats might like that.Photo: Photo: Photo: So that's exactly what we did...we went for the new variety -- the Meow Mix Tender Centers (13.5lb bag). Our cats like Meow Mix, so I know they will most likely love this. I'm excited that we get $4 off on the movie too.Photo: Before we go to the electronics department to look for the move "We Bought A Zoo", my husband reminded me that we needed to look at spray paint for a kitchen stool he is doing a makeover on. As we were looking at the spray paint, an associate working in the department came over right away and asked us if he needed any spray paint. We told him we were just looking but since he was back and forth stocking in the hardware department, he took off the locks and told us to get what we needed. I thought this was wonderful! While I understand why stores like Walmart lock up their spray paint, it does created quite an inconvenience to customers like us who many times have to wait and search for an associate to open the locked glass cases.Photo: After looking at the spray paint (we decided to not buy any today), we headed over to the electronics department to buy "We Bought A Zoo". This display caught my eye quickly and I headed over to it. I was surprised to see that it had spots for prices (on the left and rights of the display), but no prices were listed. I would expect it to have the prices there, or at the very least by a price sticker.Photo: We saw that it had a code we could scan with our smartphone to watch a trailer of the movie. I think having these type of things on displays is a great move...there are times you aren't sure about a movie, so being able to watch the trailer is especially helpful.Photo: My husband and I both scanned it and it opened up a video, which we watched right there in the store.Photo: While we do have a blu-ray player and sometimes buy blu-rays, we decided to go for the DVD version since it's usually less expensive. I would say that most of the time I still go for the DVD version because I prefer to pay less.Photo: We walked around the electronics department a bit and then I saw that "We Bought A Zoo" was also in this area. I saw the prices and we pleasantly surprised to see that it was just $12.96 for the one I was buying. The blu-ray version was on rollback for $17.96. For me, saving $5 by buying the DVD version is worth it.Photo: I also noticed a display for other movies, which included this double feature Three Stooges DVD. I decided to buy this since it will be perfect for an upcoming movie night our family will be doing, plus we'll get a free movie ticket to see The Three Stooges movie.Photo: We headed over to the grocery side of the store and our first stop, as usual, was the dairy section, which is in the back of the store. I'm making dip to go with our sub sandwiches for dinner tonight, so I need sour cream. I saw that the Daisy sour cream (24 oz) was $2.28, which I thought was a good price and since I really like Daisy sour cream, I decided to go with this.Photo: Next stop is cheese slices....Photo: My preferred brand to buy would be the Sargento, but I often times end up going for the store brand because it's less expensive. I saw that most of the Sargento cheeses had a .25 cents off coupon on them, so I thought that I would be able to get the Sargento cheese today, however, there was none of the coupons on the Swiss cheese, which is the kind that I wanted. I wonder why there was none on the Swiss? Since there wasn't a coupon available for the Sargento Swiss cheese, I decided to get the Great Value brand.Photo: Next stop was the chip aisle. I had already decided to get the Great Value brand of potato chips since it's almost always much less expensive than the other brands. I was disappointed though to see that this section looked unorganized. Seeing the chips this way makes me not want to buy the Great Value brand because I'm going to assume most of the chips are broken. It makes me want to head down the aisle towards the brand names where the vendors have kept the chips nice and organized.Photo: Now I'm ready to get my Del Monte Fruit Cups, there seems to be lots of empty spaces, so I am hoping that they will have what I need.Photo: The stock supply was very low on Del Monte Fruit Cups, so customers would be limited in their choices. Not sure if this is because it's not being stocked sufficiently or if everyone today was buying them!Photo: Luckily, I had planned to get the Del Monte Diced Peaches and there was exactly 2 packages left. They are $2 per package, which I think is a good price.Photo: We are out of mayonnaise at home, but since we are having sub sandwiches tonight, I definitely need it. I do not like buying mayo when it's over $3 per jar and I am not a fan of the Great Value mayo. But, I still need it, so I looked for the Best Foods Light Mayonnaise, but it was completely gone. It looked like they had even removed the price tag from the shelf.Photo: They did have the large jars of Best Foods Light mayo, but I didn't want to spend that much on one jar. We decided to get the Best Foods Olive Oil Mayonnaise. We also like the taste of this and it's also a reduced fat mayo.Photo: Since we are having sub sandwiches for dinner tonight, I wanted to buy some deli style sandwiches rolls. I looked at the prices and variety on this aisle, but I didn't see anything that was just what I wanted.Photo: So we went over to the Walmart bakery area and we decided to get their sandwich rolls, which were $2.68 for 6 large sandwich rolls.Photo: Next stop is produce where I have to get all the remaining ingredients for our fruit cup salsa, plus produce for the sandwiches we are having tonight.Photo: I bought one red onion for my fruit cup salsa. I will only need to use about 1/4 of this onion, but I can also slice the rest of it for our sandwiches.Photo: My original intention was to get Roma tomatoes for my fruit cup salsa, since Roma's are usually my tomato of choice for homemade salsa.Photo: However, right next to the Roma tomatoes was these Nature Sweet Cherub tomatoes and I remembered how great these tasted in a Mango Guacamole I made. They are more expensive than getting the Roma's but they are so worth it!Photo: I also need jalapenos for our fruit cup salsa. I probably only need 1-2, but I always seem to buy extras since they don't cost very much. I ended up buying 4 of them.Photo: Cilantro is a key ingredient in my fruit cup salsa, so I bought 1 bunch. I'm not sure why Walmart has raised their cilantro prices so much...it's over .10 cents more per bunch since previous times I have bought it.Photo: I spotted these containers of Baby Cuties for $2, which were regularly almost $5. I think they were marked down because they aren't much in season anymore, but they looked pretty good to me and I know the kids will eat these up.Photo: I also needed mangoes for my fruit cup salsa. They say they are .98 cents each and I bought 2 of them. Later I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were actually .48 cents each....always nice when something rings up less than the posted price.Photo: I didn't have plans on buying bananas, but saw that they were marked down to .38 cents per pound. That's a great price, so I bought 1 bunch of them.Photo: Ever since using Clear American flavored water for making my muffin tin lollipops, Mattie has been in love with it. As we were getting ready to go to the check out, he asked if he could go back and get a bottle of it. I told him sure, so we waited up front and he came back with the Black Cherry flavor.Photo: We are now ready to check out...I've got everything for feeding my zoo, plus the movie "We Bought A Zoo".Photo: Our check out experience went pretty good. My $4 off coupon didn't seem to come off at the end, but I was paying attention to the screen and told the cashier. She looked and realized it hadn't came off, so she took care of it and apologized for the error.Photo: Now we're headed home! Tonight we'll be having our sub sandwiches and then tomorrow I will be making our healthy fruit cup salsa with homemade corn tortilla chips for us to enjoy while we watch "We Bought A Zoo".Photo: Whoa! We must have been in Walmart a while...it's getting dark.Photo: Here's a peek at my Fruit Cup Salsa...it turned out so delicious! You can see how I made it, plus get to meet our family pets, on my blog at http://www.homecookingmemories.com