53 Photos - Apr 5, 2012
Photo: I'm heading to Kmart to buy a bunch of Easter goodies to create an Easter tabletop, plus to also buy a premamde Easter basket. This is a slideshow of all my photos and thoughts!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions -- as always -- are 100% my own.Photo: Before I left for my Easter shopping at Kmart, I noticed on the Kmart page on Facebook that you could claim a coupon for $5 off of $25 or more in the Easter department. I claimed the coupon and it was sent to my email and I was able to print it out to take to the store. I'm really liking how Kmart is offering these coupons and other incentives, such as their "Shop Your Way" rewards for shopping with them. As someone who has shopped quite a bit at other stores (other than Kmart), I find these things a refreshing change.Photo: I'm looking for the Celebrations by Radko line of Easter decor while I'm at Kmart and unfortunately, the only store (or one of the few) in my area selling it is on the other side of town. I wish it was at one of the ones closer to my home, but I'm willing to make the drive. And making the drive means driving past the Las Vegas Strip.Photo: We've arrived at the shopping center! It's right next to a Trader Joe's, which I think is awesome.Photo: I've never been to this Kmart before, but from the outside it looks huge!Photo: Once I get inside of Kmart, I do what I do at almost every store that has ads available -- I go pick up an ad. This Kmart had this ad circular display and holder fairly close to the front door, so it was easy to find.Photo: I enjoy browsing the ads while I shop, because I don't always review them at home and sometimes I see something on sale in them that I would like or need to get.Photo: Not too far from the ad circular stand, I saw this display that says "Easter starts here". I like the look of this display, especially with the details at the top and the cute little girl in the bottom sections....it was eye catching to me.Photo: Also near the entrance was this stand of items that said "reduce price for quick sale"....I LOVE stopping by things like this to see if I can get any great deals.Photo: Overall, there wasn't much that was marked down enough to get me to buy it. The Oreos, Nilla wafers, etc seemed fairly close to a typical sale price.Photo: I did get this though...my kids enjoy this bread and it was only .65 cents. It expires in a couple days, but I'm guessing we'll use it all by then.Photo: I enjoy using Foursquare to "check in" to places that I visit. I pulled out my iPhone and did a check in to say I was shopping at Kmart for Easter. I was very surprised to see that there was a check-in special for Kmart! I think that's so cool that Kmart is using current social media tools to attract customers.Photo: After checking in, I "unlocked" the special, which was for $5 off $25 or more in the Easter department. How great is that? All a shopper has to do is show this to the cashier and they will get  $5 off. I've already have a coupon that I got on the Kmart page on Facebook for the same deal, so I won't have to use this, but I still think it's great.Photo: This Easter display greeted us as we walked in. I didn't browse it much as I wasn't buying many of these items, but it was neat and orderly, which is nice.Photo: They had LOTS of premade Easter baskets near the front. They had them for all price ranges -- either $6.99, $9.99, or $15.99. I'm going to be buying a premade basket during my shopping trip, so I stopped by this display to see what they had. Most of all the ones on here included toys for either boys or girls, but I was hoping to find one with an Easter plush inside. I'll keep looking...Photo: Also near the door, was a set up of Easter grass, plastic eggs, and baskets. I picked up some of the Easter grass as I know I will need this for the basket that I will have in my Easter tabletop.Photo: The grocery side of the store had this display. While I'm not shopping on the grocery side of the store today, I think it's good that they have items like this in other areas outside of their Easter department. I'm one of those shoppers who frequently buys something because I've seen it and forgotten that I needed it.Photo: This kind of explains why this Kmart is so huge...part of it is a Sears Outlet. David, my husband, was instantly happy to find that out and said he wanted to check it out.Photo: They had all sorts of items markdown -- this photo shows just some of the kitchen items they had.Photo: This sign told us what this week's offers were. There was lots of things on sale: refrigerators, washers, dryers...tractors. As soon as we stepped into the area, an associate came up to us and asked us if we needed any help finding anything. We told her we were just browsing, but I thought it was nice to have the offer.Photo: They had lots of appliances for sale. I didn't even know there was a Sears Outlet, so I will definitely consider this in the future when I am needing a new appliance. As we were looking at the washers, the same associate came up to us and told us that until 2pm, everything was an additional 10% off. I really like those spontaneous type of offers in places.Photo: After leaving the Sears Outlet center, we headed over to the greeting cards. We needed to buy a couple cards for some of my nephews. We are picking up the least expensive cards, which are .99 cents.Photo: After we picked out our cards, we headed down the main aisle in search for the Easter area. I was kind of surprised that we hadn't found it yet and as I looked around for big hanging signs that might say Easter, I wasn't see any.

We did spot this display of a full size tent set up with chairs and all sorts of camping accessories with it. I thought this was a nice touch -- having it all set up like this so you could actually see how it looks. We aren't looking to buy a tent right now, but this did have us looking at it and thinking we'd like something like this.Photo: Closer to the toys department, there was multiple tables set up with clearance toys on them. They were an additional 50% off the clearance tags. We don't have any birthdays coming up for a while...and Christmas is such a long time away, that I won't be buying any toys right now.Photo: But, Mattie asked to stopped in the NERF section...he loves anything NERF. I was surprised to see the section quite disorganized though.Photo: David and I hope to get a nice patio set someday soon, so we stopped and looked at what Kmart had to offer. They had lots of really nice sets that caught my eye. I'm having a hard time deciding between one like this or one that is more like a dining table.Photo: One thing I noticed while looking at patio sets is that Kmart had a LOT of really cool garden decoration items. They had this realistic looking rattle snake, tortoise, skull, and roadrunner. They were all good sized, so someone would really be able to see them if you place them outside your house or in a garden.Photo: We found the Easter section! If we had come in the other front doors, we would have seen it right away, but we came in the grocery & Sears Outlet side so it wasn't clear to us right away where it was. I would have liked directional signs showing us which way Easter is.Photo: I think their Easter signs could have worked better if they were a bit larger. I'm a shopper who relies on large signs to show me where their seasonal area is.Photo: While I was right on the main aisle, I spotted the Celebrations by Radko line of Easter decor! That was easy! I was expecting to see more selection since I know the Celebrations by Radko line at Christmas time is huge, but I suppose Easter isn't as big of a "decorating" holiday.Photo: While I did expect more selection, there was several cute items. I was first attracted to the Celebrations by Radko line this past Christmas, so I have been making a mental note each major holiday to see if there are more items in this line for other holidays. I was also happy to see that several, if not all, of the Celebrations by Radko, was on sale.Photo: There was these cute candy bowls that I liked....this one had a chick....Photo: ...and there was also a sheep one. I really like these and considered if they would work for me.Photo: There was also these figurines. I really liked the duck, but when I was asking the kids their opinion, they were partial to the more traditional Easter bunnies.Photo: I decided at this point that I needed two figurines for my table, so I would a sheep and the duck OR the two Easter bunnies.Photo: This was the winner, due to the preference of the kids. While it wasn't my first choice, I do really like them and they will look so great in my tablescape.Photo: They also had these super cute Easter plates...they would be so great for putting Easter treats on them.Photo: We love these palm pets! When our son was much younger, he had one of these and when it stopped "chirping" we were sure to buy him another one the following Easter. He loved it so much, and would act like it was a real bird.Photo: Kmart had much of the usual Easter candy that I would expect, but if I had one thing that I didn't like was that it seemed that it was hard to see all the candy at a glance with them displayed on these 4-way displays. I found myself having to go around and around the displays to keep looking at what they had. I would much rather have the candy contained to one or two longer walls, so I can see with a few glances at what is available.Photo: We picked up some jelly beans, of course! I consider jelly beans to be a must at Easter time so it will definitely be part of my Easter tabletop. They cost $1 each.Photo: I needed to buy an empty Easter basket for my Easter tabletop, so I was happy to see that they were on sale. Some where 20% off and others were 50% off. I wanted an "old school" basket...one made of bamboo and one that was fairly simple.Photo: I saw these baskets that were bamboo and woven with ribbom and almost considered getting one of them.Photo: But I saw these lattice bamboo style baskets with a tulle flower and I thought they looked really nice, so I went with the green one. These were a great deal at 50% off!Photo: I looked over the premade baskets in the Easter area and I saw these licensed character ones -- Spider-Man, Spongebob, etc. I'm just wanting a basket with an Easter plush, but so far I'm not having any luck.Photo: All of a sudden I saw baskets with an Easter bunny plush in them! This is perfect and just what I want. We are buying this basket to donate to someone in need, in honor of my sister Brittany, who is very ill and can't enjoy one herself. I was wanting a plush item because before she was ill, this would have been the type of thing she would have enjoyed and that my dad would have bought for her.Photo: I saw some spools of colored tulle and just had to get one. I love using tulle in my decorating and this will be great for garland or for making bows. I love that they had this option. I grabbed a green one.Photo: I desperately need a tablecloth for our dining room table for our Easter dinner. I don't have many tablecloths and the red one I have from Christmas just won't work well for Easter. I continued looking around the Easter section and only found this vinyl Easter tablecloth. I'm not wanting vinyl, but rather a cloth one, but I am not seeing any cloth Easter tablecloths.Photo: We headed over to the housewares section before leaving to see if I could find an inexpensive tablecloth. Luckily, I found some very similar to the red one I bought at Christmas time -- so I got a white one. They looked like they were on sale, but the area was a bit disorganized so it was hard to see which price was for which item.Photo: We headed to the registers and saw that the Peeps were 10 for $10...people either love em' or hate 'em....well, I'm on the love 'em team!Photo: Almost ready to check out! I've got everything I need for a super cute Easter tabletop.Photo: I was very pleasantly surprised at the check out that I had earned this $5 Award Card. I had no clue what I bought or done to get this, but later I realized it was because I had spent over $50 in the Easter department. It was a nice surprise! I didn't see this promotion mentioned in the store though.Photo: We're all checked out and ready to head home! Shopping at this Kmart was an enjoyable experience. It wasn't too busy and the customer service was good. I used my Shop Your Way Rewards card so I do like that by shopping at Kmart, I am earning points which can take money off my total on future purchases. I'm also really excited about all the promotions that Kmart has going....the way I got a coupon on Facebook, the way they offered a coupon for checking in on Foursquare, the $5 Award Card I got at check out, and so on. I really like all of this.

I can't wait to get started on Easter tabletop. I'm also happy to have a basket -- with an Easter plush -- to donate to a child in need.Photo: Here's a peek at my Easter tabletop -- come to my blog at http://www.homecookingmemories.com to see the full display and my fun Easter dinner activity idea!