53 Photos - Feb 2, 2012
Photo: Krix Acoustix main-bookshelf speakersPhoto: Krix Apex floor-standing speakerPhoto: Krix Dynamix on-wall speakerPhoto: Krix Ecliptix in-wall speakerPhoto: Krix Epicentrix centre speakerPhoto: Krix Equinox bookshelf speakerPhoto: Krix Graphix centre bookshelf speakerPhoto: Krix Harmonix floor-standing speakerPhoto: Krix Hemispherix in-ceiling speakerPhoto: Krix Holographix in-ceiling speakerPhoto: Krix Neuphonix floor-standing speakerPhoto: Krix Phoenix floor-standing speakerPhoto: Krix Seismix 1 active subwooferPhoto: Krix Seismix 3 active subwooferPhoto: Krix Seismix 5 active subwooferPhoto: Krix Symphonix floor-standing speakerPhoto: Krix Tektonix active subwooferPhoto: Krix Aquatix outdoor speakerPhoto: Krix Volcanix active subwooferPhoto: Krix Vortex centre speakerPhoto: Krix Epix in-wall speaker (before installing behind plaster)Photo: Krix Phonix Extreme on-wall speakerPhoto: Krix Atmospherix in-ceiling speakerPhoto: Krix Tropix outdoor speakerPhoto: Krix Tryptix on-wall, floor-standing, or bookshelf speakerPhoto: Krix has just released its new Series One range of home theatre speakers, comprising:
- Krix Rythmix floorstanding speakers, for front or rear locations.
- Krix Atomix bookshelf speakers for front or rear locations.
- Krix Sonix centre front speaker.
- Krix Seismix Cube active subwoofer.

Now you can enjoy a Krix Series One 5.1 speaker package for under $2000 with front bookshelf speakers, or under $2900 with front floor standing speakers. For more information visit:
http://www.cleverhome.com.au/products/Krix-active-subwoofer-Seismix-Cube-Series-One.shtmlPhoto: Krix Sonix centre channel speakerPhoto: Krix Atomix bookshelf speakerPhoto: Krix Rhytmix floor-standing speakerPhoto: Krix Seismix Cube active subwooferPhoto: Krix Seismix Cube active subwoofer, showing down-facing driverVideo: New Krix Aquatix outdoor speaker video.

If you want a on-wall speaker engineered specifically for use outdoors, a speaker that sounds great and will continue doing so, then you should consider the Krix Aquatix speaker. This outdoor speaker also provides exceptional value.

More information is at http://www.cleverhome.com.au/products/Krix-outdoor-speakers-Aquatix.shtmlVideo: New Krix Atmospherix in-ceiling speaker video.

The Atmospherix is the largest in-ceiling speaker from krix, and features the same woofer as their world-renowned very dynamic Equinox bookshelf speaker. A sealed rear enclosure ensures better and more consistent audio performance, and keeps dust and other debri from accumulating on top of the drivers and cross-over components.

More information is available at http://www.cleverhome.com.au/products/Krix-in-ceiling-speakers-Atmospherix.shtmlVideo: New Krix Hemispherix in-ceiling speaker video.

Krix Hemispherix are a classy in-ceiling speaker for music, and are the perfect in-ceiling rear surround effects speaker to use with Krix Ecliptix front in-wall speakers. A sealed rear enclosure ensures better and more consistent audio performance, and keeps dust and other debri from accumulating on top of the drivers and cross-over components.

More information is available at http://www.cleverhome.com.au/products/Krix-in-ceiling-speakers-Hemispherix.shtmlVideo: Krix Holographix down-light sized in-ceiling speakers video.

Available from Clever Home, these aesthetic tiny down-light sized in-ceiling speakers are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or small outdoor areas where moisture would make other speakers unsuitable. They also make very inconspicuous rear surround speakers or background music speakers in smaller rooms.

While the video below also suggests wiring sets of Holographix speakers in series to fill larger rooms more uniformly with sound, you will maintain the performance that these terrific little speakers are capable of if you only wire them in parallel, and in so doing maintain a high damping factor between your amplifier and the Holographix speakers. Clever Home can provide inexpensive compact Class D room amps for directly driving as many Holographix speakers as you would like to install.

For more information visit http://www.cleverhome.com.au/products/Krix-in-ceiling-speakers-Holographix.shtmlPhoto: Krix Atmospherix A20 angled in-ceiling speaker (shown without front grill)Photo: Krix QuadFlex speaker cable.Photo: Krix banana plugsPhoto: Krix Stratospherix outdoor in-ceiling speaker.Photo: Krix Atmospherix A20 angled in-ceiling speaker.Photo: Krix Atmospherix A20 angled in-ceiling speaker, without grille.Photo: Krix Atmospherix AS speaker tweeter.Photo: Krix Atmospherix AS in-ceiling speaker.Photo: Krix Atmospherix AS speaker woofer.Photo: Krix Hemispherix AS speaker, without grille.Photo: Krix Hemispherix AS in-ceiling speaker.Photo: Krix Scenix in-wall home theatre speakerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: