32 Photos - May 25, 2013
Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. All opinions are my own.Photo: Welcome to Sam's Club. I enjoy going to Sam's and before we had kids my husband and I would go eat dinner there for a really cheap date!Photo: Of all the savings clubs out there, Sam's Club is the only one that is organized well enough for me.Photo: All of their signs make my shopping experience easier.Photo: Goldfish! One of the many items we go through quickly in our house.Photo: Their watermelons were just $4.99 which is really good because they were HUGE!Photo: Just $2.58 for strawberries. If I don't get to go picking this weekend I will run back over and get some for our Memorial Day picnic.Photo: Another staple in our house is cheese. My kiddos can not get enough.Photo: This is a fairly good price for a pack of string cheese. They make packing lunches for the kiddos easy too.Photo: Then I headed to get milk which was one of the few things on my list.Photo: I can never decide what % to buy. To my kids, milk is milk so I bought what was cheaper.Photo: That's a lot of butter!Photo: I like that all like items are grouped together. Frozen chicken breast was found on the meat isle. Today I was looking for quick and easy meals for the next couple of weeks.Photo: Tyson Homestyle Chicken Fries. This would make a great quick and easy meal and I know my kiddos will like it. I will have to dress it up for my hubby but for our busy schedules this week its necessary.Photo: Hoping it will be a life savor.Photo: This is embarrassing but about a month ago we ran out of toilet paper completely which has never happened. Now, before leaving the house for a Sams Club run I make sure we have plenty.Photo: Again, just making me less stressed because it is neat and organized.Photo: I wish they would sell a large box of just Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.Photo: Another fast option for busy mornings.Photo: Sam's Club is having a promotion on certain items until June 9th. Tide is currently $2 off. Not bad.Photo: The liquid Tide was also on sale.Photo: Great price on wipes especially with the $2 off promotion. With two small kiddos can you ever have enough wipes?Photo: Every time I go to Sam's Club I check to see if the Sam's version of Children's Zyrtec is there. It is hit and miss so I was very happy to see it there today. Even better that its the sugar free kind. I bought 2 packs!Photo: These thinly sliced chicken breasts would make another fast dinner. Just marinade in Italian dressing before cooking.Photo: I need these hunks of meat for our Memorial Day picnic.Photo: I tried to not go overboard, but I did accomplish my goal which was to get a couple of meals that would be fast and easy this week.Photo: I spent a total of $53.44 which is not bad considering I got a 6 pack of steaks and a huge bag of Tyson's Chicken Fries which will make more than one meal.Photo: Ready for the oven.Photo: Baked for 15 minutes. I know you can not smell them, but trust me they smell delicious.Photo: Here is the final meal for my kiddos. I have a feeling this is going to be a big hit.Photo: My daughter wanted me to take a picture of her plate too!Photo: I dressed up hubby's chicken fries by adding them to a wrap with lettuce, onion, cheese, and ranch dressing.
Dinner tonight from start to finish took under 20 minutes which is perfect for our busy schedules now that we are at the end of the school year.