61 Photos - Sep 21, 2010
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A coastline at 70 deg north. Plastics in of all shapes and sizes can be found here, from q-tip pins to large plastic containers.Photo: Photo: A school class collecting marine litter. 60 sacks this time, mostly plastic.Photo: Photo: Photo: Registering marine litter, using the OSPAR method.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A piece of cleaned up coastline.Photo: Photo: Pieces of ropes and nets.. A large part of the littering here is fishery related.Photo: Broken up plastic. An endless number of small pieces of plastic can be found along some beaches.Photo: Happy cleaners: 49 bags.Photo: Packing band, probably from a freezer trawler, and young seagulls.Photo: A beach before cleanup.Photo: Cleaning and registering marine litter.Photo: På dette bildet: En trålpose, en trosse, drikkeflasker, en bit gulvbelegg, skumgummi, taubiter, pakkebånd, en fiskekasse og mye mer. Det er ikke så artig å leke på stranda da. På bildet: Sigurd Bjørn.Photo: These balls, part of much larger flotation elements, turn up all over our coastline. Over the last three years, I have found several 1000.Photo: Litter pickingPhoto: Littered coastline at 70deg northPhoto: The usual finds, floats, containers, tires, etc,Photo: Colourful plastic floats and pieces of rope.Photo: Beach before cleaning IIPhoto: One of many coves that collect marine litter.Photo: "Søppel" - garbage in NorwgianPhoto: Unknown brush-like thing. Found more than a few of these.Photo: 6 hender, ti minutter. Fra Buldersanden, RingvassøyPhoto: 10 minutes worth of collecting.Photo: Lifeboat emergency water, from Russia. Found along the shore.Photo: A litter ifested piece of coastline outside Tromsø.Photo: A larger piece of flotation material, with many yellow balls still emebedded.Photo: Collecting and registering marine litter on Coastal Cleanup Day, 2011.Photo: From Coastal Cleanup Day sept 17, 2011.Photo: Plastic pieces ingrained in the beach front.Photo: Syringes show up regularly here.Photo: ColourfulPhoto: Not much fun playing here..Photo: Shoes, another often found item.Photo: Cleaning up is hard work.Photo: A coastline worth taking care of.Photo: 2 hands, 25 minutes. Collected from the 120 m of pebble beach behind the pile.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: