189 Photos - Oct 17, 2009
Photo: Heading down from the observation tower on Mount Ascutney. It was raining so there wasn't anything to observe. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Queechee Gorge in Vermont.Photo: It was raining on the first night so we wussed out and got a cabin at a campground. Really roughing it!Photo: Ya gotta love the hiking culture of the Northeast!Photo: The Blueberry Ledge Trail is wonderful - steep and rocky with lots of scrambling and great views.Photo: Like a natural sidewalk. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: Heading up Whiteface.Photo: The Ossippee Mountains rising above the clouds.Photo: Tommy coming up the Blueberry Ledges Trail.Photo: Another scramble. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: On the first open ledge of Mount Whiteface.Photo: Our next peak - Mount Passaconaway.Photo: On Blueberry Ledges. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Panorama of The Bowl, Mount Passaconaway, Nanomocomuck, Wonalancet Hedgehog, and Hibbard Mountain. That up-and-down ridgeline to the right of Passaconaway would be our descent route later in the day.Photo: Dave on Blueberry Ledges.Photo: Our videographer. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: Colorful foliage in The Bowl.Photo: We were above a sea of clouds.Photo: The Fool Killer.Photo: Dave climbing another steep section.Photo: Chocorua with a cloud-shroded summit.Photo: Yet another steep section.Photo: The Fool Killer and Mount Passaconaway.Photo: Clouds and ridges.Photo: The three of us on Whiteface. Photo courtesy of Dave SockyPhoto: Tommy near the edge. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Three Sisters and Mount Chocorua.Photo: The trail up Passaconaway was also steep.Photo: Dave coming up Passaconaway.Photo: The three peaks of Tripyramid.Photo: View north towards Mount Carragain from the north overlook on Passaconaway.Photo: The panorama from here includes Franconia Ridge, Mount Garfield, Mount Carragain, and Mount Washington.Photo: A distant Franconia Ridge and Mount Garfield.Photo: Potash Mountain, Green's Cliff, Mount Carragain, and Carragain Notch from Passaconaway.Photo: The rocky summit of Chocorua.Photo: Hedgehog Mountain and the East Ledges.Photo: The North Peak of Tripyramid and the two Osceola Peaks.Photo: Three Sisters and Chocorua.Photo: Mount Washington from Passaconaway.Photo: Sandwich Dome and Jennings Peak from Hibbard Mountain.Photo: Me on Hibbard Mountain. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: Steep ledges on the descent from Mount Wonalancet.Photo: Elevation profile for the hike over Whiteface and Passaconaway.Photo: En route to Unknown Pond.Photo: Enroute to Unknown Pond. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Puncheons are always nice at the wettest sections. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: A foggy Unknown Pond. We had hoped to see a moose here but had no such luck.Photo: Tommy at the final scramble to the summit of The Horn.Photo: We were in the clouds so about the only view was of the benchmark at our feet.Photo: Tommy on The Horn. Photo courtesy of Tommy Bell.Photo: Dave and me on The Horn. The spectacular views were hidden in the clouds. Photo by Tommy Bell.Photo: At least all the rain makes for nice mossy logs.Photo: Self explanatory.Photo: We are here.Photo: Old firewatchers cabin on Mount Cabot. This was a welcome refuge from the hailstorm that hit us up here.Photo: Mount Starr King from Bunnell Rock.Photo: Dave and Tommy on Bunnell Rock.Photo: An impressive looking Mount Weeks.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike over The Horn, The Bulge, and Mount Cabot.Photo: In Ammonoosuc Ravine. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: Gem Pool.Photo: Big cascade at The Gorge in upper Ammonoosuc Ravine.Photo: More of the same cascade is visible here. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: The Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.Photo: Yet another unexpected waterfall.Photo: Steep terrain.Photo: Time to add more layers.Photo: Dave ready to continue upward above treeline.Photo: Getting a bit icy.Photo: Wintry conditions that will only get worse higher up.Photo: But we kept going anyway. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: The rime on the rocks was 6-8 inches thick.Photo: Near the top of Mount Washington, the windward sides of the signs were unreadable because of heavy rime accumulations.Photo: Tommy on the windswept summit of Mount Washington. Photo courtesy of Tommy BellPhoto: Me on Mount Washington. Not sure what the wind chill was but it was cold. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: Dropping below the clouds on Jewell Ridge. There was even a bit of sunlight visible in the valley.Photo: Me on Jewell Ridge. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Cloud-veiled ridges.Photo: The Dartmouth Range and Cherry Mountain from Jewell Ridge.Photo: Mount Jefferson's Ridge of the Caps coming out of the clouds. On the horizon are the Pilot and Pliny Ranges where we had been the day before.Photo: View southward through Crawford Notch. The sharp peak on the horizon, left of center, may be either Passaconaway or East Osceola.Photo: Jewell Ridge.Photo: Southern Presidential peaks in the clouds.Photo: Bright foliage.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike up Ammonoosuc Ravine to Mount Washington then down Jewell Ridge.Photo: Tommy on Owlshead in Groton State Forest. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Yes, it was raining again! Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Ascending Mount Hunger.Photo: The steep trails never end in the Northeast.Photo: Thanks to the weather, Mount Hunger was viewless summit number 6. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: The Waterbury Trail on Mount Hunger was literally a creek.Photo: Nice cascade on Waterbury Trail.Photo: Moss Glen Falls is a spectacular 100+ foot high cataract.Photo: Potholes scoured in the bedrock at Bingham Falls.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike on Mount Hunger.Photo: Lean-to living.Photo: Outcrop on Mount Mansfield's Maple RidgePhoto: Yes, this is the trail! They know how to build them up here.Photo: A gentler section of Maple Ridge.Photo: Another climb...Photo: ...leads to a steep ledge.Photo: The trail also requires jumping...Photo: ...and traversing...Photo: ...and more climbing. Note the three blazes on the rock below Dave.Photo: Why?! Why are we going up there in this weather? Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Still no end in sight. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: The way a trail should be. Exciting! Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: On the summit of The Forehead, one of Mansfield's subpeaks.Photo: Sign on the Long Trail.Photo: Studying the map. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: En route to the summit, the visibility left a little to be desired. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: It still looked pretty neat though.Photo: And was pretty exciting hiking. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: Waiting on a view on Mount Mansfield. Didn't happen except for a brief glimpse. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.Photo: View south from Sunset Ridge.Photo: Another view of the 'Dacks'.Photo: At the end of a great loop, despite the lack of views.Photo: Lake Champlain and New York's Adirondack Mountains.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike up Maple Ridge to Mount Mansfield and down Sunset Ridge.Photo: Heart Lake.Photo: Canoes at Heart Lake. Photo By Tommy BellPhoto: Catamount.Photo: A larch in Fall color.Photo: The Chimney. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: A narrow passage on Catamount.Photo: Beautiful foliage.Photo: Distant view of Camel's Hump from Catamount.Photo: Mount Esther and Whiteface Mountain from Catamount. Not to be confused with Mount Whiteface in New Hampshire.Photo: The rocky summit of Catamount, one of the great lower peaks in the Northeast.Photo: Nearing the top of Catamount.Photo: Rain in the distance. For once we got lucky and it missed us.Photo: Taylor Pond and Silver Lake.Photo: Cranberry and Union Falls Ponds with more mountains beyond.Photo: Beautiful hiking on open ledges.Photo: Colorful coves on Taylor Pond as seen from Catamount.Photo: More open ledges.Photo: Heading down from Catamount.Photo: It eases up momentarily...Photo: ...then plunges downward once again.Photo: Tommy on the Catamount Trail.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike up Catamount.Photo: On the trail up Baxter Mountain.Photo: Colorful foliage.Photo: More colorful foliage.Photo: A kaleidoscope of color.Photo: A nice spot for a break. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: The village of Keene Valley with John's Brook Valley beyond.Photo: The path less traveled...And we took it.Photo: Orange.Photo: Wow!Photo: Same trees. Colors like neon.Photo: Keene Valley from Baxter Mountain.Photo: Reindeer moss.Photo: Though we were far below treeline, it looked like we were on the tundra in this beautiful spot.Photo: An old Adirondack Mountain Club trail marker.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike over Baxter Mountain.Photo: Headed for Marcy.Photo: The first two miles (and the last two) of the trail to Mount Marcy was a sloppy, muddy mess. Photo by Tommy Bell.Photo: Cloudy morning at Marcy Dam.Photo: The puncheons were much appreciated on this boggy section.Photo: On the way up Gray Peak, we encountered rain, sleet, and snow. And the peaks were hidden in the clouds. But by the time we reached the top it started to clear up. Here, the Colvin Range is emerging from the clouds.Photo: On Gray Peak.Photo: Allen Mountain beyond Skylight.Photo: Mount Colden and the MacIntyre Range from Gray Peak.Photo: Mount Marcy from Gray Peak.Photo: Hikers on the summit of Mount Marcy.Photo: Lake Tear of the Clouds and Mount Marcy.Photo: Basin, Gothics, Giant, and Haystack from Mount Skylight.Photo: Dix Mountain from Skylight.Photo: Mount Colden and the Macintyre Range from Skylight.Photo: Look carefully to spot the hikers to the left of Little Haystack's summit.Photo: The view southeast toward Boreas Mountain from the trail up Mount Marcy.Photo: Dave nearing the top of Marcy.Photo: Mount Redfield from near the summit of Mount Marcy.Photo: Gray Peak from Mount Marcy.Photo: Mount Colden and Algonquin Peak in the MacIntyre Range from Mount Marcy.Photo: Mount Skylight from Marcy.Photo: The pointed peak of Whiteface Mountain from Mount Marcy.Photo: The rocky summits of Cascade and Big Slide Mountains from Marcy.Photo: Basin, Gothics, Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge, and a distant Camel's Hump from Mount Marcy.Photo: Me on the summit of Mount Marcy. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Rime coated cairn.Photo: A hiker topping out on Mount Marcy.Photo: Good advice just below treeline on Mount Marcy.Photo: Algonquin from Indian Falls.Photo: Tommy headed down a little ahead of Dave and I and had this view at Marcy Dam which was considerably better than in the morning. Photo by Tommy BellPhoto: The view from Marcy Dam at dusk.Photo: Elevation profile of the hike over Gray, Skylight, and Marcy.