15 Photos - Feb 2, 2009
Photo: The entrance to Doe Mountain Cave.Photo: Stream crawl near the entrance.Photo: Me at the 30' flowstone drop. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: At the top of Knipling Pit. Photo by Dave SockyPhoto: Dave rappelling 160 foot Knipling Pit.Photo: Aaron on rope in Knipling Pit.Photo: Flowstone and popcorn.Photo: Aaron at a waterfall between Knipling and Weathermaker Pits.Photo: Aaron getting down from the same waterfall.Photo: Dave downclimbing the same waterfall.Photo: Dave descending 170 foot deep Weathermaker Pit.Photo: Formations along the stream passage.Photo: Dave climbing out of 170 foot Weathermaker Pit. The waterfall pouring into the pit creates a lot of wind and mist that swirls around in the air.Photo: Aaron climbing out of Knipling Pit.Photo: A massive mound of white flowstone, probably 12 feet high or more.