46 Photos - Jun 23, 2013
Photo: Okay then we are heading up to the distant horizon.Photo: Yes up to there, and currently we are just above river level.Photo: After a bit of blood, sweat and tears, the pinnacle will be attained!Photo: Meanwhile the incline hoves in to view!Photo: All reconstructed post-WW2 but I think the architecture is magnificent and proud.Photo: More of the proud and magnificent!Photo: Okay I know, too much of a good thing...........Photo: An eye-opener for me, the awfulness of events in living memory will come back to haunt me.Photo: Mechanical cameras, all for sale and capable of taking photographs!Photo: Isn't man so ridiculous handing out so many awards, which end up as tourist souvenirs?Photo: Well above river level by now!Photo: Doesn't look steep, but in my mind now known as "Goat Alley"! ;-))Photo: Van shows the reality of the slope!Photo: Magnificent? I think so.Photo: Note level of distant roofs!Photo: Pinnacle has been attained!Photo: Gaudy and obscene in its opulence.Photo: A charming use of statuary, we will be heading off to the right, skirting the pinnacle.Photo: A garden of statues, old and new.Photo: More gaudy.............Photo: Trees with a palette of greens, how many, too innumerable!Photo: I revel in nature so pass along very quickly if you do not!Photo: TreesPhoto: TreesPhoto: How many shades of green?Photo: Yet more green tints.Photo: Human art cannot compete, hence its position on railings below the tree canopy!Photo: Even the impact of sun is diminished.Photo: Not a single human was involved in this creation!Photo: Mingling trees......Photo: Sun through the canopy.Photo: More green tints.Photo: Captured trees, behind lockd gates :-((Photo: Zoom brings them away from the bars of the gate.Photo: A profusion of trees rising back towards the pinnacle.Photo: Funicular time!Photo: It goes downPhoto: and then returns up!Photo: This shot shows how high I have strolled.Photo: City center rooftops from a countryside lair!Photo: "a la Dr Who" we emerge to a city street, and no signposts show where we have come from!Photo: Spot the yellow and gold "cult" structure (Cult being the word used on legend of a local map)Photo: Truly back in the city, again at river level.Photo: The only hint is green paint of the sylvan walk I have emerged from.Photo: Funicular entrance at river level!Photo: More of the "cult"!