16 Photos - Dec 14, 2012
Photo: Launch G+ and tap on the menu button on the upper rightPhoto: Tap on 'Subscriptions'Photo: Tap the checkboxes for the circles you want to subscribe toPhoto: For me, that's Friends...Photo: ... and FamilyPhoto: Tap 'OK' and you're donePhoto: So what does subscribing to circles do? Read on...Photo: You get push notifications for all new posts from your subscribed circles.Photo: ... and the G+ app launches and shows the posts you subscribed to.Photo: Now I won't miss another post from Jay or any of my other friends again.Photo: Bonus: you can also subscribe to a circle from its circle stream view. Tap 'All circles.'Photo: Tap on the circle you're interested in.Photo: Tap the menu in the upper right.Photo: Tap 'Subscribe."Photo: Then tap 'OK.'Photo: You'll get a little confirmation message and you're done.