76 Photos - Jun 11, 2007
Photo: Europe is full of stylish people.  Then there are the hordes who are overly fond of the canadian tuxedo...Photo: I love Paris as much as I thought I would!Photo: Notre Dame Cathedral.Photo: Photo: Photo: Inside Notre Dame... powerful.Photo: Photo: We got to see a mass.Photo: On the Seine.  The bridges all over the city were one of my favorite parts.Photo: Yeah, people really take that whole City of Love thing seriously.Photo: Making a friend.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Louvre.Photo: Pretty tired.Photo: Photo: Still the Louvre.Photo: Run to me!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Realized that I really don't know French.  And that I really want to learn it again.Photo: Photo: Lavender, for Mom.Photo: Gold everywhere.Photo: Ah, la mer.  Si... plein de poisson.Photo: Getting closer!Photo: Setting up for a picnic.Photo: French fruit= delish!Photo: Photo: And then it started to light up!Photo: "I want a picture of me drinking beer in front of the Eiffel Tower!Photo: Photo: Great picture.  Thanks, American tourist.Photo: Photo: Photo: so much bigger than I imagined!Photo: Waiting in line to go up.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looking down at the base.  It started to sparkle!Photo: Photo: Sacre Cour(e)Photo: Photo: View of the city from Sacre CourePhoto: Gargs!Photo: We ran across some people filming a commercial or something.Photo: Photo: Cool old car.Photo: Moulin RougePhoto: Photo: The metro was awesome.Photo: And then we went to the Catacombs, an underground city of the dead!Photo: we felt the fear.Photo: When all of the Paris graveyards got too full, they moved the bodies down here... walls and walls of bones.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: French pastry to cheer us up.Photo: La Sorbonne, one of the oldest universities in Europe.Photo: Photo: Luxembourg gardens.Photo: Photo: I want that Vespa!Photo: We ate in front of the Pantheon!Photo: Trying out some crepes, aka really thin pancakes.Photo: They were gross.Photo: Disappointing street magician and 12-year old chain smokers.Photo: Photo: I think this is Notre Dame from the back.Photo: Cool shop.Photo: Lost again.