15 Photos - Feb 5, 2013
Photo: On our way to get #bigelowteaPhoto: Surprised at the limited selection:( #bigelowteaPhoto: Thank goodness they had Cozy Chamomile! #bigelowteaPhoto: Cheaper than any other places I've been #bigelowteaPhoto: It was a bit hard to find. A sales clerk pointed me in the right direction #bigelowteaPhoto: Princess wouldn't let go of the box #bigelowteaPhoto: I used to give her warm chamomile as an infant to calm her tummy. #bigelowteaPhoto: Can't tell by the pic, but it was pretty crowded #walmart, #bigelowteaPhoto: Express checkout. Yay! #bigelowtea, #walmartPhoto: It was just a little over 2 bucks a pop. Plus, an extra 4 more tea bags! Can't beat that! #bigelowteaPhoto: I just ran out of green tea w/ lemon flavor. This is my stash. #bigelowteaPhoto: One tea bag usually lasts 2 cups. #bigelowteaPhoto: I love that #bigelowtea has a caffeine meter.Photo: After chasing after a tot all day and being tired from pregnancy. I need all the relaxation I can get. #bigelowteaPhoto: This is how I usually end my day. #bigelowtea