31 Photos - Dec 20, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Silhouetted divers - I was swimming mid-water at around 40 m here and saw these guys above me... no alteration was needed to this imagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo:                                Photo: same silhouetted divers as I began to surfacePhoto: Photo: Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) beginning its rise to the surface for airPhoto: I had a grade 2 haircut back then :)Photo: Lion fish (Pterois) at 37mPhoto: Moray eel (Muraenidae) 4m long

Although they look dangerous - especially when they gape - they do that to pass water over their gillsPhoto: Looking down to 62m for the beginning of a technical dive on TrimexPhoto: This is the anchor on the SS Thistlegorm in EqyptPhoto: The deck gun on the SS ThistlegormPhoto: One of the train carriages being transported on the SS ThistlegormPhoto: A crocodile fish (Platycephalidae) at 37mPhoto: Anchor chains on the bow of the SS ThistlgormPhoto: Forward hold on the SS ThsitlegormPhoto: Photo:                                Photo: British tank lying on the seabed at 37m metres - blown clear of the SS ThistlegormPhoto: One of the trains lying on the seabed after the explosion of the SS ThistlegormPhoto: Photo: Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) off Ras Mohamed at 42 metres grazing on coralPhoto: Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) surfacing for air in Ras Mohamed National Park