20 Photos - Jul 6, 2012
Photo: More progress on the new mountain coming to Fantasyland and the Magic Kingdom.Photo: Another angle shows how big a building it actually is.Photo: Appears to be a lot of action going on behind the wall. Rumor is you might be able to walk back here by the end of August.Photo: Work is moving along fast at the New Fantasyland Walls. Still impressed at the scale of the wallsPhoto: Another view of the wall construction from Storybook Circus sidePhoto: I'm still hoping that the little outcropping of rock to the left of this photo will extend up to hide that green building, but I'm beginning to doubt it.Photo: Dumbo does give a good view of this area. Eventually a fence will hide the backstage portion here and denote the transition from Fantasyland to Carolwood Park.Photo: Snapped from Barnstormer, a look at some of the landscaping and progres on the Yellow Tent.Photo: A look a the mural that I'm told will become a photo spot with Dumbo #17Photo: First, I love this picture of the gentleman filming his ride with an iPad. Sadly, I must note that some of the Dumbos weren't installed correctly and are scraping the side of the moat. Look at the hind leg here. Hopefully that's an easy adjustment to fix.Photo: A little closer look at the damage to DumboPhoto: Keeping tabs on construction at the new restrooms and landscaping that is coming to Small World area of Fantasyland across from the Peter Pan restrooms.Photo: This Kodak location is once again behind walls. It saw some work last year too.Photo: Sadly, no one has bothered to clean the water wheel and it's not covered in green slime. A picture of it shiny and new here: http://thedisneyblog.com/2011/12/21/magic-kingdom-update-%E2%80%93-new-fantasyland-and-more-part-2/Photo: Tarps and walls are finally down on Main Street. Most of the facades had significant work done along with roof work.Photo: Photo: Those tarps on Main Street may have been brought down a bit hastily to get the park ready for the busy 4th of July holiday. As you can see here, there is still some work to be done.Photo: They didn't even have time to throw a coat of paint on this drain.Photo: Yes, the tarps are down at the Chamber of Commerce too.Photo: A closer look at some of the beautiful detail work on the Facades of Town Square.