17 Photos - Jun 5, 2012
Photo: Peeking through a crack we can see that the ship wreck is being installed in front of the Little Mermaid queue.Photo: Work continues on adding more rock work to help line of sight issues around Beasts Castle and Gaston's Village.Photo: More roof work in Gaston's Village. Looking good, perhaps the closest part to the feel of old Fantasyland so far.Photo: The coaster will be attached to the brown supports and the show building to the grey steel. Notice new cross beams this week.Photo: Another look at some of the new iron work going up around the Mine Train coaster trackPhoto: Looks like they've started to add some of the 'landscaping' for this ground hugging roller coaster.Photo: Sad to see it go, but Snow White's Scary Adventrues had to make way for a Princess Meet & GreetPhoto: Work on the wall that will separate old Fantasyland from the new continues with some plywood being addedPhoto: The other bit of wall is waiting for it's close upPhoto: Work continues on the new Tigger and Pooh meet and greet areaPhoto: New trees have been added to the berm that separates Fantasyland from Liberty SquarePhoto: Here you can see how the new trees do a pretty good job hiding the Haunted MansionPhoto: New restrooms will soon rise from this construction site. Eventually Peter Pan restrooms will close and give them more room for an interactive Peter Pan queuePhoto: Some work is happening in the Pirates Of The Caribbean queue. Rumors are this will eventually house new interactive elements.Photo: The 'shipyard' section of the queue is also walled off.Photo: This will eventually be the main entrance of the DVC TowwerPhoto: The second story is just starting to be added to the Grand Floridian DVC Tower