12 Photos - Dec 22, 2011
Photo: Charles - Mac Fanboy - Wears a black mock turtleneck and stonewashed jeans to formal functions.Photo: Daniel - Settlers of Catan Nerd - He must be addressed by his children as “my liege.”Photo: Eric - Hero Clix Geek - Has a dedicated ring tone for Hero Clix emergenciesPhoto: Greg - The Bird Nerd - Prepares for the perfect Owl shot on his lunch break.Photo: Jennifer - Muppet Maven - Tried to take Kermit as her Prom datePhoto: Jess, Carmen, Ray, Rachael - Roller Derby Freaks - Got into derby because they get to hit people… and do trajectory math!Photo: Classic Video Game Geek - Refers to office-mate as “Player 2”.Photo: Larry - Disney Dork - Shipped home an extra bag of toys from his Disney World honeymoonPhoto: Mike - Spidey Geek - Son’s middle name: ParkerPhoto: Renee - Foodie Freak - Wears basil-scented perfumePhoto: Brad - Trading Card Nerd - Forces Sam to wear matching Superhero onesiesPhoto: Brent - Fantasy Fiction Nerd - Tried to start a “Bring your sword to work” day. HR said no.