174 Photos - Nov 20, 2011
Photo: A dogPhoto: PenguinPhoto: braceletsPhoto: space gunPhoto: sailor hatsPhoto: torchPhoto: labyrinthPhoto: Kylo Ren'sLightsaberPhoto: GogglesPhoto: School summer dressPhoto: home entertainment systemPhoto: easel with canvasPhoto: Plate cuirassPhoto: Spotted skin / furPhoto: CelloPhoto: TightsPhoto: OfficePhoto: lipsPhoto: CupcakePhoto: HijabPhoto: SushiPhoto: facehuggerPhoto: ristmas trees easily catch fire, but you will be safe with the new SP-Studio fire extinguisherPhoto: A traditional Swiss dressPhoto: Photo: Traditional costumes from around the world: traje de flamenca (from Spain)
    gho (from Bhutan)
    kasaya (robe of Buddhist monks)
    hanbok (from Korea)Photo: New flagsPhoto: New "stuff" fpr the SP-Studio!Photo: rainbow flag background & shirt motifPhoto: New features!Photo: Twice as much color!Photo: music updatePhoto: New costumes inspired by Game of ThronesPhoto: Mixed update: Hair and sheepPhoto: Clothes inspired by South ParkPhoto: 16 hairstyles inspired by South Park charactersPhoto: Treasure ChestPhoto: bowlingPhoto: Crystal backgroundPhoto: Day 21 of the www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special: A surfboard.Photo: AxePhoto: HoodiesPhoto: A rope / lassePhoto: Day 17 of the www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special: Fender Stratocaster guitars in many colors! This will be the last guitar shape I include, I can't believe there are so many requests for them ;).Photo: FlippersPhoto: Big breasts & bellyPhoto: Burning backgroundPhoto: Male rococo outfitPhoto: Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)Photo: White cane & armbandPhoto: Tie Dye T-ShirtsPhoto: flailPhoto: Fork, knife and spoonPhoto: Long Rapunzel hairPhoto: Rococo dressPhoto: Domino masksPhoto: clarinetPhoto: Ship backgroundPhoto: Bullet proof vestsPhoto: Christmas cookiesPhoto: Happy Halloween!Photo: SP-Studio animal month: forest animalsPhoto: Animal month: Safari updatePhoto: My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicPhoto: Mixed update with 3 new itemsPhoto: Costume inspired by Disney's Snow WhitePhoto: New background colors & patternsPhoto: 17.6.2014: 4 new hairstylesPhoto: 8.5.2014: new eyesPhoto: Mixed SP-Studio.de update based on wishes from fansPhoto: Re-sorted "stuff" categoryPhoto: Doctor Who UpdatePhoto: Update: Sherlock costume
www.sp-studio.dePhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 24: A border for your own SP-Studio Christmas cards.Photo: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 23: a snowboardPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 22: a padded roomPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 21: Potato chips! Or crisps for our British friends.Photo: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 20: a beautiful medieval dressPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 19: FINALLY your SP-Studio characters can sit down!Photo: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 18: a candy canePhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 17: medieval hair decoration with a veilPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 16: A dreidel for everbody who celebrates HanukkahPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 15: a laboratoryPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 14: a golden cup trophyPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 13: Bell-bottomsPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 12: monster clawsPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 11: long hair in front of the facePhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 10: a megaphonePhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 9: bionic eyes (not just for the Terminator fans :))Photo: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 8: a cute rainbow backgroundPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 7: a space suitPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 6: an accordionPhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 5: a custom mask (you can choose your own color and combine it with other items to create different superhero costumes)Photo: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 4: a pickaxePhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 3: samurai armorPhoto: Christmas Special, day 2: watermelon slicePhoto: www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 1: samurai helmetPhoto: Freddy Krueger glove & skinPhoto: 22.10.2013: Pharao costumePhoto: The final updates for "places from around the world", based on the wishes of the SP-Studio fans. Visit www.sp-studio.de :)Photo: UPDATE! Two new backgrounds were included at www.sp-studio.de. Your favorite idea was New York’s Statue of Liberty, so here it is! The second image was inspired by the futuristic “Venus Project” and was a wish by contest winner TDC. A new vote has been added to the sidebar based on your requests, so let’s see what the final places-update will look like. I decided to pick countries which were not chosen yet to make it a little bit more interesting. Please vote :).Photo: famous places from around the world: Eiffel tower & StonehengePhoto: It is time for the month of famous places from around the world!

I wanted to do this in July, but unfortunately I was not able to work on any SP-Studio updates. But now I am back and will draw many new background pictures. They will be based on places from different countries, so please tell me what you want to see!

You can vote at www.sp-studio.de for what I should draw next.
And you can suggest more places in the comments.

The first update is inspired by my own country, Germany. I picked an important landmark (the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin) and a stereotypical Bavarian landscape . ;)Photo: This update is dedicated to my sister-in-law – and to everybody else with small children. Four new baby items were added to www.SP-Studio.de : a baby bottle, a wind wheel toy, a rubber duck annd baby blocks. #baby #SP -StudioPhoto: www.sp-studio.de update! This is the final video game costume for a while. You voted for Dante from Devil May Cry, and so I included his hair-style and clothes. I picked this version because it seems to be the best known und unique one. Sorry if you prefer the new Dante, but I had to choose one ;).Photo: Today I have a Princess Peach costume for you, which can be used at www.sp-studio.de from now on. Super Mario's love interest made the second place in the vote.Photo: You voted for your favorite videogame costume and this is the result: 44 % want Kratos from the “God of War” games. So here you go! I included his blades, armor, pants, belt and tattoos in the SP-Studio.

You can still vote at www.sp-studio.de for the 2nd and 3rd place, which will be drawn by me during the next couple of days. Right now it looks like Peach and Dante will be chosen, but you have still time to change this.Photo: Special www.sp-studio.de update: Costumes for Samus Aran (Metroid) and Master Chief (HALO)! Which one is your favorite?

After some Sony related videogame items my new update is based on the two biggest action heroes from Nintendo and Microsoft's Xbox. Their iconic body armor and helmets can be found in the SP-Studio now, so you can use them to build your own characters. It took me a while to draw those detailed costumes.

By the way: You can support sp-studio.de by sharing this post if you like the update. Thanks :).Photo: It has been a while, but as promised here is another video game related www.sp-studio.de update:

Because I like the look of the main character in the PS3 game "Buzz! Quiz World" I included his hair-style and glasses in the SP-Studio. I hope they are a useful addition, not only for Buzz, but also for your own characters. And di you notice he ist Canadian?

The next update will come sooner (that’s why this one is so small). I am as sick of those huge breaks between them as you are ;).

Oh, and don't forget to submit your picture for the SUPERHEROES contest today! http://www.planearium.de/sp-studio/forum/gallery/album.php?album_id=6Photo: www.sp-studio.de UPDATE! Inspired by Sony's announcement of the PS4 I drew some parts from famous Playstation characters of the past. Do you recognize the four games?

I tried to pick items which can be useful for multiple reasons and not only for building a copy of ths particular character: 2 shirts, 1 dress, 2 hats, 1 beard, 2 hair styles, 1 mouth. And I have already planned more gaming related SP-Studio updates for the near future.

If you want to support SP-Studio.de and like the update feel free to share it with your friends! :)Photo: Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed the 24 presents I included at www.sp-studio.de. The final update was inspired by Mr. Bean's Christmas Special and the turkey on his head.
Please do not be sad if your wish was not included this time, because I collect every suggestion for later updates. Nothing gets lost.
And just in case you wonder why there are only 24 surprises: Here in Germany we open presents and celebrate on Christmas Eve, so the Advent Calerndars end on this day. I will put my presents under our tree now and relax a bit.Photo: This sp-studio.de update is a trendy trenchcoat. I hope the three different coats in this year's advent calendar were a good selection to survive the cold winter days :).Photo: sp-studio.de Christmas Special, day 22: a laurel wreath. Your character can wear it from now on.Photo: Welcome to today's www.SP-Studio.de Christmas update: The apocalypse!Photo: As wished by several of my visitors: classic hair clips in different colors! Visit www.sp-studio.de.Photo: Guess what I have been eating today: a pizza! And this inspired me to draw one for www.sp-studio.de.Photo: sp-studio.de Christmas Special part 18: New colorful leather jackets. You can find them in the "freestyle collection" and wear other clothes under them. This update comes today because I had to work until late at night yesterday, but I hope you enjoy it anyway :). Only 5 days left!Photo: How could we survive without toilet paper all the time? Let's change it today! www.sp-studio.dePhoto: And another update for the Christmas Special: an iPad! Visit sp-studio.de :).Photo: A beautiful tropical waterfall awaits you at sp-studio.de. The updates come a day late right now, because I was busy with work, but I hope to catch up soon.Photo: The SP-Studio.de update for December 14th is a historic cravate.Photo: Today's www.sp-studio.de Christmas update is an apron. You can choose your own color and combine it with other shirts.Photo: You begged for years... here comes one of the most requested items for sp-studio.de: A Darth Vader mask! Star Wars fans can now dress up as their favorite villain.Photo: Sorry for being late, but for the 11th day of the www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special I included two new objects: a tissue to hold in the hand of your character and a box of tissues. Catching a cold is easy at this time of the year, so be prepared!Photo: sp-studio.de Christmas update #10: A pet dragon! Isn't he cute? But be careful when he sneezes.Photo: Funny clown hat time! This new fashionable item will bring true comedy to www.sp-studio.de.Photo: The www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special continues with a boomerang.Photo: It's maybe cold outside, but a swimming pool background is never a bad idea. Let your SP-Studio characters enjoy the water :). www.sp-studio.dePhoto: How about a tasty Donut? I included this one today as part of the www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special.Photo: Today's update is for the Batman fans out there: Bane's mask from "The Dark Knight rises"! www.sp-studio.dePhoto: As part of the www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special a new hair-style was added today: a sidecut.Photo: It's very cold outside, so this new, warm coat is the best thing to wear. Of course www.sp-studio.de only uses fake fur for its clothes!Photo: Today's www.sp-studio.de update is for everybody who is playing with the new Nintendo Wii U right now.Photo: The big www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special 2012 has started! I will include a new object every day, to give you more possibilities when you create your pictures. Let's start with a teapot.Photo: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
This creepy www.sp-studio.de update comes with 7 new items:

- A bat
- Intestines
- Zombie mouth with rotten teeth
- Ripped out eye
- Messy short hair
- Tattered shirt
- ...aaand candy!Photo: Today's www.sp-studio.de update is all about reading and writing.Photo: www.sp-studio.de UPDATE! I included nine new shapes of eyebrows in multiple colors. They will improve the facial expressions of your characters. And if you enjoy building celebrities, friends or family members they can help you to create a better likeness.Photo: 25.7.2012: Seven new hatsPhoto: 8.7.2012: Three new Freestyle Collection shirtsPhoto: UPDATE: Five new items for the s´"stuff" category of http://www.sp-studio.dePhoto: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of www.sp-studio.de I prepared a huge update for you: New items in every category! 22 new clothes, hair-styles, fashion accessories and body parts are waiting for you. And because it is the release date of Diablo 3 today some objects are inspired by the Lord of Terror himself.

I hope you enjoy the update! :)

And please remember: If you want to support the SP-Studio and help it stay alive for another decade every little donation is welcome ( http://www.sp-studio.de/donate.htm ). Thanks a lot to everybody who helps me keep this project going.Photo: Time for four new items. How about DJ turntables, a cute baby, sashes and belts in multiple colors? www.SP-Studio.dePhoto: UPDATE: New clothes for your SP-Studio characters! Visit www.sp-studio.de :)Photo: I finished four new background drawings today, based on the wishes from my visitors. The blue wall is a simple one which will be useful for your family portraits. The shore was inspired by the "Faith+1" cover from South Park. A race track was added for the car fans. And finally you can create SP-Studio mug shots with the new police station wall.Photo: Yesterday I included a www.sp-studio.de Valentine's Day update. A border of roses and a box of finest pralinés. No matter if you love or hate this day, I hope you enjoy it :).Photo: A mixed update: I added a camping background to the SP-Studio. Yes, another forrest... but there can't be enough nature ;). A crowboard was included as well, a wish from the SP-Studio community. And you can use smoke clouds now in front of your character. I hope those are some useful additions.

Some bugs were fixed too:

- the eyepatch "jumped" when it was moved
- the text tools are in English language now instead of German
- more hair styles can be flipped nowPhoto: Today I added two explosive new items to SP-Studio.de.Photo: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope you liked this year's Advent Calendar! There should have been some useful new items for everybody. And what's the update for Christmas? A baby of course :).
I need a little break and will be back next year. So let's all enjoy the holidays now.Photo: Only two updates are left in the www.sp-studio.de Christmas Special! Today I included a cabin / treehouse background with wooden walls. This was a wish by one of my visitors.Photo: This should be a very usful new fashion accessory: A big bag which can be worn by girls or guys. I guess nearly everybody owns one of these and now your SP-Studio character can wear them too. And you can choose your own color.Photo: Today I have a very expensive gift for you: A smartphone for your sp-studio.de characters! And because it's the best known brand my drawing was mainly inspired by the Apple iPhone.Photo: Another wish by someone who write in the Christmas Special comments: A nice 50's outfit with a poodle skirt.Photo: A tropical island, a hospital... seems like there are no typical Christmas backgrounds in my sp-studio.de Advent Calendar this year. And today we continue with a sunny desert. Hooray! By the way: This was a wish from one of my visitors and you can still suggest your own ideas for the next couple of days.Photo: Today's Christmas update for December 18th includes music to the SP-Studio. No real music of course, because this would be annoying ;). Those new symbols from the "stuff" category can appear over your character's head and might be very useful when you want to build a musician.Photo: Time for some knitting at sp-studio.de :)Photo: ...and a pair of Coverse like shoes. This was wished by many of my visitors, though it was a bit difficult to draw in this small size. I hope they turned out good :).Photo: I am back :) Sorry for the little break, but now I feel better and you will get the updates you missed during the last two days. I draw two items today and two tomorrow. Here is another pair of hoes: Sandals. Of course you can pick their color yourself.Photo: The 14th SP-Studio.de Christmas surprise is a crossbow!Photo: We already had different types of crowns in the SP-Studio, but no fitting clothes for a king. This has to change now!Photo: It's baking time! This new item was included to sp-studio.de today.Photo: Many many times I was asked to draw more different types of shoes. The feet of the characters are very small, so this is difficult. But now I included High Heels in different colors and hope you like them. And there will be more shoes for sure in this Advent Calendar :).Photo: Today I included a new background for the sp-studio.de Christmas Special: a hospital room.Photo: Today's Christmas update is adding fluffy earmuffs in many different colors to sp-studio.de.Photo: 20 years ago the Super Soaker 50 was one of the coolest toys you could own. Unfortunately I never got one as a kid, but now I included it to the SP-Studio.Photo: After many Christmas related updates in the past I finally added a Hanukkah menorah to sp-studio.de today.Photo: Today's addition to sp-studio.de: a bunch of keys.Photo: I always enjoy drawing clothes from different cultures, and so I picked a white keffiyeh for today's update, like the ones popular in the Persian Gulf states.Photo: Today's Christmas update was a wish from the sp-studio.de community "Wish Voting": A really nice beard.Photo: It's getting cold out there, so let's travel to a tropical island. Today I included this new background at www.sp-studio.de.Photo: Today's www.sp-studio.de Christmas surprise: a colorful jester hat!Photo: The big www.SP-Studio.de CHRISTMAS SPECIAL has started! Like the years before I will surprise you with a new item every day. I hope you enjoy this Advent calendar and of course you can tell me about your own wishes here.

Let's start with this little drum. Additionally I fixed a bug with the colors for makeup and fashion accessories.Photo: Of course I will use this Google+ page to inform you about every www.SP-Studio.de update I make. Usually I try to include new items every weekend.
This time there are two new types of eyelashes: closed eyes (in the category "eyes") and long, colorful eyelashes as an addition to the regular eyes (in the category "stuff" > "face"). You can combine them with other makeup too.Photo: Disney princess updatePhoto: Star Wars: The Force Awakens costumes