10 Photos - May 14, 2012
Photo: Congrats Don W. for being named QuiBidder of the Week! You can read Don's QuiBids story here:

http://blog.quibids.com/quibidder-of-the-week-don-w/Photo: Congrats to A.J. A., the newest QuiBidder of the Week! Check out A.J.'s bidding strategy, which he claims can be viewed as "sneaky." Do you think A.J.'s QuiBids Strategy is sneaky? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

http://blog.quibids.com/quibidder-of-the-week-a-j-a/Photo: “Do I have any success stories? Of course! But I don’t have just one favorite. For me, any auction won under $2.00 is amazing. But winning for under $0.50 is my goal! Basically you need to know what you’re bidding on and the type of bidders that go for that item. And this applies to EVERYTHING on the site. My strategy for items that I REALLY want is to bid on (and hopefully win!) bid vouchers. I also look to see what the lowest selling prices were and at what times for the item I want so I can develop some kind of strategy (and to see when to get that pot of coffee up). This has definitely helped me win many auctions, especially the last few which were under $1.00 and cost over 50 bucks! Of course I was excited and doing my happy dance! Since April 2012, I’ve been winning or using Buy Now to get Mom/Dad’s Day, birthday, and graduation gifts on QuiBids ranging from an iPad 2 to a $50 AMC gift card. I even got some gifts for a friend’s wedding and some items to use as prizes for an event!” – QuiBidder of the Week, Shereese M.
http://bit.ly/Kw0msxPhoto: Photo: Photo: “I won two Invicta Watches! One retails at $595.00 and I got it for $1.07. The other watch retails at $295.00 and I got it for only $0.10!!!! I also won a Swarovski Crystal Ring (on my finger in the picture) for a penny!!! My husband and I love QuiBids! We wait until the last second when we think the other bidders are about to quit and we go for it. I have also won a diamond necklace, gift cards, voucher bids, and Gameplays. QuiBids is awesome!  I look there before I get anything at retail value.”  – Asya H. – QuiBidder of the Week
http://bit.ly/Jz1bAnPhoto: “When first signing up with QuiBids, I was a bit skeptical. I remember reading online that the website was just a big scam.  However, I thought about it and decided the only way to find out if it is a scam is to actually try the website out.  After winning a beginner auction I started to realize that QuiBids might actually not be a scam. After my first win, I decided to bid on a new jacket, and guess what? I won a Nike Thermal Jacket for only $o.01 on QuiBids!!! A PENNY!!! I was so excited! I even convinced my mom to use QuiBids! She wanted a vacuum, and what happens? I won a Hoover Vacuum for my mother!! This website is AWESOME and totally not a scam whatsoever!!! I LOVE QUIBIDS!!!!!” – Lena G., QuiBidder of the Week
http://bit.ly/Odw7qyPhoto: “Since I am fortunate enough to be an avid golfer and retired, I noticed right away that QuiBids offers excellent golf equipment and gift cards as well. Before I discovered QuiBids, I would frequently buy inferior equipment, only to find that one gets what they pay for. Without question, the golf equipment on QuiBids is the best in the world. I have won several sets of irons, thus enabling me to assist my playing pals with great prices on their clubs, which they currently use. The gift cards helped me a great deal through the Christmas season. Since I have 9 grand children and 3 sons, the gift cards have been invaluable. In summary, I find QuiBids both challenging and interesting. My advice: Pay attention to all the information on the QuiBids web site. The information is all there.” – James H. QuiBidder of the Week
http://bit.ly/M1maKxPhoto: “I started bidding in October after seeing a commercial for QuiBids on TV and was amazed at how many quality Christmas gifts I could get through QuiBids. My bidding strategy is to ‘scare’ other bidders away by aggressively bidding and using the Bid-O-Matic option early in an auction (for a limited preset amount of bids of course). It has led me to win items for a fraction of their cost, since people believe it is too early to start a bidding war with me then. Also, I bid around the time of the morning commute and dinner when people are occupied elsewhere.  Using this strategy, I won a Yamaha guitar for $5.63, a desk for $1.79, a sewing machine for $0.10, a turntable for $0.12, Ivanka Trump bags for $0.08 and $0.12, amazing Nambe accessories for less than a dollar each, and lots of beautiful jewelry and useful gift cards! The delivery was very fast (never more than a week) and customer service is stellar! Thank you, QuiBids!” – Elitsa M. QuiBidder of the Week. http://bit.ly/KOypI7Photo: