79 Photos - Sep 11, 2011
Photo: Pink Ice Cream ©paula laytonPhoto: Top of the World ©paula laytonPhoto: Boring Taxi Ride  ©paula laytonPhoto: Stay in the Circle ©paula laytonPhoto: Great eyesPhoto: I see youPhoto: She's maybe 11 years oldPhoto: #portraittuesday This little boy was amazed that the buildings are so tall in New York City.Photo: Coming home from school NYCPhoto: Cute little kidPhoto: Bryant Park CarouselPhoto: On the beachPhoto: Tough guy on the beachPhoto: Not thrilledPhoto: Cotton Candy YummmPhoto: Dancing around the MaypolePhoto: Dancing around the MaypolePhoto: Happy Mother's DayPhoto: I think he liked me.Photo: Riding down an incline while on the shoulders of a skateboarder..FearlessPhoto: ©paula laytonPhoto: Cool Flea Market toy..The Brooklyn FleaPhoto: So TiredPhoto: Run RunPhoto: Crying ©paula laytonPhoto: Hello there ©paula laytonPhoto: ice cream © paula laytonPhoto: So Tired ©paula laytonPhoto: Fan dancer ©paula laytonPhoto: Brazilian Day ©paula laytonPhoto: mirror mirror ©paula laytonPhoto: Rub a Dub Dub ©paula laytonPhoto: cutie ©paula laytonPhoto: Joy ©paula laytonPhoto: Trying on hats ©paula laytonPhoto: Boating ©paula laytonPhoto: Down by the River ©paula laytonPhoto: Fingers ©paula laytonPhoto: Flippin over ©paula laytonPhoto: Joy ©paula laytonPhoto: At the movies ©paula laytonPhoto: No more photos ©paula laytonPhoto: Are you lookin at me? ©paula laytonPhoto: Snow cones ©paula laytonPhoto: Play a few bars ©paula laytonPhoto: Ice skating NYC ©paula laytonPhoto: I am not sure if that balloon is making her happy.Photo: Wow, the building are so tall in New York.Photo: I believe she did that to annoy the photographerPhoto: A windy day, NYCPhoto: A Pretty profile ©paula laytonPhoto: A tender moment with her beloved DollyPhoto: Preppy Look ©paula laytonPhoto: A Young Voice ©paula laytonPhoto: She is loving this...I love the lightPhoto: This is lots of funPhoto: Kids always try to get them...Photo: Pretty eyesPhoto: OOPPS ©paula laytonPhoto: Girls Love PinkPhoto: On the streets of Chinatown...No one is safe from my cameraPhoto: Another adorable kid and his treat.Photo: Going out skateboarding with a couple of friends.Photo: We have the same haircutPhoto: This little girl just got a seal doll at the Central Park ZooPhoto: Isn't she lovely?Photo: Are you lookin at me?Photo: #childrensaturdayPhoto: Water balloonPhoto: ©paula laytonPhoto: Mapping the RoutePhoto: ©paula layton Tenderness
..Photo: I caught her off guard.Photo: ©paula layton Up A TreePhoto: ©paula layton Chess QueenPhoto: ©paula layton HappyPhoto: ©paula laytonPhoto: ©paula layton #kidsfashion   #kids   #summertime  Photo: ©paula layton #strollinglens   #kids   #pattycake