14 Photos - Dec 24, 2012
Photo: Two young guests on Santa's "Nice" list score candy canes in the plaza.Photo: HO HO HO! Santa heads to First Time lift.Photo: Santa spreads some cheer at the Learning Zone.Photo: Santa finds more fans at the top of First Time lift.Photo: The Big Man visits a lesson headed down Homerun.Photo: Turtle Trail turned into Times Square with Santa's arrival.Photo: The Jolly Old Elf, himself was the most popular guy on the mountain.Photo: Then Santa headed down Homerun towards PayDay lift.Photo: Picture time with the Big Man!Photo: Good behavior in the PayDay lift line earns more candy canes.Photo: PayDay lift riders get some last-minute lobbying with Santa to land on the "Nice" list.Photo: More fans at the top of PayDay.Photo: Now THAT'S a family photo.Photo: Santa ends his rounds to get ready for tonight's Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade.