20 Photos - Jul 9, 2012
Photo: I don't think I'd ever seen the back of a side mirror: I would have never imagined it could be so beautifulPhoto: A broken window: I'm surprised we don't spend more time being amazed by this incredible material... solid yet transparant. Isn't that mind-blowing?Photo: Colours are walls take such a gorgeous dramatic feel when water starts playing with themPhoto: Walls are surprisingly exciting to look at: such nice textures and colours :)Photo: Street or wall? I love the colours it has :)Photo: What does this door lead to? I love the texture of the walls... how intricate?!Photo: How cool does this lamppost look? Sometimes it's just about changing your angle :)Photo: I love the feeling of this: which glass window?Photo: No coins? No Problem... I like this philosophy :)Photo: 2 Fire Alarms & a CCTV: that's human evolution at its bestPhoto: The inside of the beast: how interesting?!Photo: What the social commentaries about this one: I wonder which people gave them this awardPhoto: Nature in London: luckily, it's everywhere :)Photo: Smiling fire switch: yeah!Photo: London architecture is stunning!Photo: Nature is fabulous: how does it produce such beauty?Photo: Some stress in London have so much character: I love this one.Photo: Haaaaaa well, doesn't it look like when you just take the time to look at everyday stuff?Photo: Really? We've invented that? I wonder what the social commentary about this sign will be in 200 years... any guesses?Photo: I take this lift everyday, but today it felt... dramatic.