14 Photos - Apr 24, 2012
Photo: Chill out or sunbathe..  Adakoy, Turkey waterski pontoon http://www.neilson.co.uk/adakoyPhoto: Go for a guided bike ride...  You can do this in all of our beachclubs. This photo was taken in Adakoy, Turkey  http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/mountain-bikingPhoto: EAT! Enjoy the healthy inclusive food...  We run Club Board in most of our Beachclubs (daily breakfast and lunch with 4 inclusive evening meals)  http://www.neilson.co.uk/food-and-drinkPhoto: Learn something new on holiday with our RYA qualified instructors...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/beachPhoto: Sailing...  Offered in all of our Beachclubs except Dahab, with RYA tuition included:  http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/dinghy-sailingPhoto: Tennis and get some group coaching to brush up on your technique...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/beach/beginners/tennis/Photo: Wakeboard...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/wakeboardingPhoto: Kayaking...  You can kayak in most of our resorts too.  http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/kayakingPhoto: Enjoy some time-out in the spa...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/beach/pe-neilson-spaEnjoy some time-out in the spa...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/beach/pe-neilson-spaPhoto: Waterski...  Sivota in Greece, Adakoy and Ortakent in Turkey have great conditions for this http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/waterskiingPhoto: Windsurf...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/windsurfingPhoto: Set off sailing on your own yacht...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/yachtPhoto: Fitness classes, such as pilates, yoga or Zumba...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/activities/fitness-classPhoto: SUP Stand up paddle boarding...  http://www.neilson.co.uk/beach/beginners/on-the-water/