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Photo: 富士山の四季(日本語↓)  Fuji for all seasons
より良い明日  A better Tomorrow

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. ~Thomas Paine

Recently, a friend told me he feels very stressful with his job and could not see any career progress, a different friend told me his team mates at work feel discouraged because they worry they cannot complete the project on target, another friend is having a lot of problems with his marriage, a friend is so unhappy and want to quit his work, another friend is looking for work, my girl friend is not happy because of the guy she loved...we all seem to have so much difficulties, how could we become happier? Would all our problems be solved if we find a better job, finish our projects on time, find a perfect lover? or perhaps we would then encounter other unexpected problems.

I think for me, happiness is a stage of mind, it is your attitude in life, how you see the world and the problems you encountered would make all the differences in life. If you could see all the troubles you encountered as a challenge, an opportunity to make yourself stronger and wiser, you are already ahead of the game. There are always things and situations in life we could not change, setbacks we must face, opportunities lost, affection not returned...the only thing we could change is ourselves, and the way we deal with the situation.

As I have mentioned to some before, I was born with a rare disease, should I sit back and feel sorry for myself? or should I gather strength and make the best of the situation? the choice is mine to make and my attitude will paint an entirely different picture for my life.  And I will tell my friends who are faced with different types of challenges, rather than feeling stressful, face your troubles with a smile, think of it as an opportunity for you to find better things in life, and perhaps, one day you can achieve more than you ever dream of!

The world is indeed a beautiful place!

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本物の男は、苦難に笑い、苦悩から力を得る、そして自身を映し出す影によって勇気を育てる。 〜トマス·ペイン


私の思うところ、幸せは心の持ち方です、それは人生への心構えで、この世を如何に見て、そして遭遇した問題に対してどう対処するかで人生における全てにおいて違いが現れます。もしあなたが遭遇した全ての困難を挑戦だと捉えればそれは私たちをより賢く強くしてくれて、あなたはすでに競争の一歩先をいっているのではないでしょうか。 人生においては、私たちが変えられない状況は常にあります。挫折に立ち向かわねばらならず、機会は失われ、愛情が返ってこない、・・・。 唯一私たちが変えることができるのは、私たち自身であり、状況と対応する方法です。

以前にも言ったように、私は稀な疾患を持って生まれました、私は、挫折や自分自身に対して気の毒に感じるべきなのでしょうか?もしくは、私は、力を蓄えてこの状況において最善を尽くすべきなのでしょうか? 選択支は私のものであり、私の態度は私の人生をまったく違った色に塗り変えることでしょう。そして、私はそれぞれ違った問題を抱えている友達たちにストレスを感じているよりは、問題に微笑で向き合って、人生により良いものを見つける機会を考えるよう伝えるでしょう、多分、ある日あなたはあなたが夢見る以上のことを達成できるでしょう!


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#reflectionweek   #thirstythursday  Photo: Photo: A hazy fuji's sunset from afar...
#skysunday #cloudweek #mountainmonday #MinimalMondayPhoto: Another view of Mount Fuji
#cloudweek #SkySunday #mountainmondayPhoto: 富士山の四季(日本語↓)  Fuji for all seasons
Best of Summer   ベスト・オブ・サマー

Some of the best things I can think of about summer is beautiful blue sky, beach, sunflowers, water melons,and ice cream, tonight I share with you two of the best things about summer: blue sky, sunflowers...and Fuji


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https://www.facebook.com/Lilliphoto Photo: Photo: Photo: Fuji's Autumn.....Photo: Photo: Photo: Another view of Mount Fuji from across the bay.
#thirstythursday #longexplosurethursday #SilhouettesOnThursday #reflectionweekPhoto: Mount Fuji at sunset, my photo for #SunsetSaturdayPhoto: Another image of Fuji-san.Photo: Photo: Fuji san and shiba sakura, year two...Oh, I have forgotten to edit these photos until now...Photo: Who would be wearied of life when there are so much beauties in the world?
Though I may walk alone but I am never lonely...
Another view of Mount Fuji.
#mountainmonday #mirrormonday #reflectionweek #fallcolorsweekPhoto: I have taken many pictures of Mount Fuji from different locations, but I have never climb mount fuji because I often think if I were on the mountain, then I could not see and enjoy the beauty of the mountain, so I would rather be somewhere else..I don't need to feel mount Fuji below my feet to be happy, I just like to be an admirer from afar...so that I can always keep with me the beauty of mount Fuji in my heart.
#mountainmonday #timeweekPhoto: 富士山の四季 (日本語↓)  Fuji for all seasons
白鳥の湖  Swan Lake

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world." ~ Brandi Snyder

This photo was taken on my first and only over night stay at Yamanakako.  I wanted to take sunrise of Fuji san, but I have no car and the bus would not start till much later in the morning, so the only way for me to do it was to stay over night at Yamanakako.  I could not find any nice hotel that was close to the location where I wanted to take photos, so I stayed in a minshuku close by.  It was in November and very off season, no one was staying there other than me, the place had very little heat, I was so cold I did not even take a bath that night. (hehe, I am almost sure I would never stay there again...).  That night, I went to take some star trails but because it was too cold, I could not stay outdoor for long, I felt like almost frozen in 30 mins. So I gave up and went back to my room.  The next morning, I got up at 4.30 am to take sunrise photos. By the time I went down to the lake, there were many photographers standing there waiting already, I found myself a nice spot and waited for the sunrise.  Although it was still very cold in early morning, I told myself I must wait because it was the purpose of this trip, I tried to move around a bit to keep myself warm but to my disappointment, there was no beautiful sunrise...all my effort was for nothing, it seems.. I started walking around the lake taking pictures of the reflection of the light of the thin ice formed on the surface of the water instead, then I saw these two most beautiful white birds- swan! I was so happy to see them.  Instead of taking beautiful sunrise or red leaves photos of Fuji, I spent hours chasing after these swans....

I have always loved swan, maybe because I remember the story of Swan Lake, the first ballet my father took me to see in Lincoln Center so well. I was 16 at the time and going to Lincoln Center with my father was a major outing for me.  I was totally amazed by the dance and the music, I though it was the most beautiful ballet in the world. Later on, when I grew up,  I went again by myself to Lincoln Center to watch the same performance, but somehow it was never as good as the one my father took me to see.  At the time, I thought it was because the performers have changed,  only much later  I realized that it was not because the performers were not as good, it was because I have grown up and lost the childlike innocent, it was because going to see Swan Lake in Lincoln Center with my Daddy was a big event for a 16 years old girl, almost like a debut into adulthood.  Later, as an adult,  I could go to see the performance again, the sweetness and innocent of teenage years were no where to be found.  It was not the ballet, it was my father's love, that has touched my heart so much, because as a child, my father was the world to me. Perhaps, it is how love is like, you do not need money, you do not need to go to the best restaurants and eat the best food, you do not need to see the best shows or go on the most luxurious vacation, just to be with the person you love and respect, the world would be the most beautiful place.

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世界にとってはあなたはたった一人の人間かもしれませんが、一人のあなたにとってはあなたが世界かもしれません。- ブランディ·スナイダー


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https://www.facebook.com/LilliphotoPhoto: Fuji for all Seasons(日本語↓) 富士山の四季
“If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God."~ G. K. Chesterton
もし私がバラ色の夕日を誰かの人生に与えることが出来るなら、私は神と供に仕事をしたと感じるだろう。〜G.K. チェスタートン
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“Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” ~Richard M. Nixon

I have never climb Mount Fuji,  I have always stayed in the bottom and took pictures from afar. So perhaps, I do not know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain but I do know how beautiful it is to look up and admire it from a distant. If I were  on top of Fuji, I could only see the valley below but I could not see Fuji,  I would be missing the most beautiful view. Same as in life, the most beautiful and most precious things are some of the most ordinary, we do not need to be on the summit to see them, all we need is to have the dedication to build a world where the most beautiful things could be seen from within.  Often, the deepest valley is where we could find the most magnificent light...

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人生と同じで、最も美しく、最も貴重なものは、もっとも平凡なものの一部なのです、我々はそれらを見るために山の頂きに登る必要はありません、私たちが必要とするすべては、最も美しいものを内から見る事ができる世界を一生懸命に造り上げることです。 多くの場合、最も深い谷は、我々が最も美しい光を見つけることができる場所なのです。

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I took this photo a few weeks ago, the weather was very good in Tokyo, but by the time I got to Miura Peninsula, I could not see Fuji at all, it was all under the haze.  I was a bit disappointed though  I knew even I have came all the way from Tokyo spending over 2 hours, the chance I could see Fuji is rather slim. I walked over to the other side of the shore and started taking photos of the sea and the rocks...the ocean is for me a never ending fantasy........Just when the sun was setting, Fuji appeared in the far horizon, I wanted to run over to the other side of the beach but it would be too late, so I set my tripod and took pictures behind the rocks to capture this magical moment, then I saw a flight of birds flew by, I quickly changed my shutter speed and took this photo.  After all, my trip was not wasted, I was so happy.  This is another lesson life continued to teach me. never lost hope, never give up, just when you think you could not make it, the most beautiful moment would appear before your very eyes...
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他の写真は下記の私のページにアップしていますので、よろしくお願いいたします。https://www.facebook.com/midoriphotoPhoto: Fuji for all Seasons(日本語↓) 富士山の四季
Though I have been very busy, I still found time to go to Fuji. Luckily, it was a nice and clear day, I  only wish I have more time to spend there for I never get tired of looking at Fuji...it's my favorite mountain to admire from afar..
Other photos are available in my page, thank you!! 他の写真は下記の私のページにアップしていますので、よろしくお願いいたします。https://www.facebook.com/midoriphotoPhoto: Good morning to you from Europe, Just want to share a picture of Mount Fuji I took this May with you   ヨーロッパからおはようございます、この5月に撮った富士山の写真を皆様と共有させていただきたいと思います。
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