102 Photos - May 24, 2012
Photo: Photo: The Look
#portraittuesdayPhoto: Love this face!
The little guy is getting bigger fast
We had a great family outing today despite the rain!  Took the boys to the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum then went to Crazy Jakes for a delicious lunch.
http://www.crazyjakesnt.com/Photo: Thumbs Up!
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Oh - and say hi to +Matt Frahm, he's new here!  See some of his work here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattfrahm/ (all his G+ posts are to communities so far)

#PortraitTuesdayPhoto: "Hi There Pretty Lady"
(My wife Nicole!)
See my wife's portrait work here: http://facebook.com/justsaytheword

#portraittuesday +PortraitTuesday by +Laura Balc
#bokehtuesday +* by +Bob BaxleyPhoto: On Three!
Where does your inspiration come from?Photo: Photo: Photo: "Capturing Life's Real Moments"
I'm a huge fan of my wife +Nicole M. Stuart's photography.
This is me and my oldest after his little legs got tired on our walk.
See +Stu Stu Studio on Facebook for her latest posts: https://www.facebook.com/justsaytheword

#thankfulthursday +#ThankfulThursday by +Bonnie PickartzPhoto: Reflections
There is nothing like being a kid!!!
+1 if you've ever done this
:)Photo: Summer Fun!
Spending some quality time with my 4 year old making sure he doesn't feel slighted by the new arrival.
(Be sure to view large for the 1/1250 second water drops)

Side note:  So is everyone turning off the +1 broadcast?  I have barely had a chance to check it out.

Users I  suggest you check out:
+Darren Neupert 
+Ralph Mendoza 
+Michael Shainblum 
+Simos Xenakis 
+martin shervington 
I'm going to start using the bottom of my posts to share some G+ users worth following!  Let me know if you'd like to be mentioned or have any suggestions.  These will be people I follow and think you should to as well as people who consistently engage with my posts.   #worthfollowing   #bonussharePhoto: Stuart Family 2.0
We're home!!!
Thanks again for all the warm wishes and congratulations :)
My G+ friends rock!Photo: Photo: Sleeping like a...
Zzzzzzz ZzzzzzzPhoto: Photo: Willis & Sierra
The official mascots of the Stuart family.Photo: Friday's are #bokehlicious !
Join me & share some #bokeh  :)

Did you know?
The term comes from the Japanese word "boke" (暈け or ボケ), which means "blur" or "haze"
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokeh

For #weareparents  by +Juan Gonzalez
+True Portraits  #portrait   #portraitphotography   #flatbrimPhoto: Photo: Photo: My little Bumblebee!
That's what they call the youth soccer league here.  I've been upgraded to "coach" since I've actually played the game :)
The boy and I have matching +adidas Sambas!

For #weareparents  by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Some good old fashion fun!
Throwing rocks into the water :)
In a couple weeks my boy will turn 4!

#PortraitTuesday by +Laura Balc
#familyfirst #mymuse #beingaparentrocksPhoto: #wordlessonwednesday   #wordlesswednesdayPhoto: Never Stop Being a Kid!
"That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up."
~Walt Disney

#portraittuesday +PortraitTuesday by +Laura BalcPhoto: My Son's 1st Flat Brim
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to +Rahul Roy & +Julian Ortiz!!!
Hope you both have a great day and weekend!

For #weareparents +We Are Parents by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Happy Mother's Day
To all the Moms out there :)

#mothersday   #mothersday2013Photo: Enjoy your weekend!Photo: My Best Friend!
Looking forward to playing with this little guy all week!  Expect a lot of updates to the "Family" album.
Loving the sharpness of this 85mm f/1.8 lens - every tiny hair is in focus!

+True Portraits 
#plusphotoextract by +Jarek KlimekPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: #PortraitTuesday by +Laura BalcPhoto: One Intense Game of Air Hockey
#familytime   #kidsbirthdayparties  :)Photo: Let's Feed Her These!!!
In his little hands are some sticks to feed the grumpy old troll that lives under the bridge (mommy)!
We finally had some weather nice enough to play outside.  I met them at the playground straight from work.
For #weareparents  by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Daredevil

(other one was waaay too small +Darlene Keats +Christina Lihani & +Ray Bilcliff)Photo: Photo: The Stuarts are Expecting!
Yesterday my wife +Nicole M. Stuart & I took a big step and made our exciting news "facebook" public with this photo.  ( http://facebook.com/justsaytheword )
Very excited to say the least!  Mommy has felt pretty sick but seems better the last few days.  Dr. John has been taking good care of her though.

Happy New Year to all my followers and friends!!!Photo: Awesome Christmas!!!
#family   #children 
:)Photo: We cut down our very own Christmas Tree this weekend!
Had a great time at Erway's Christmas Tree Adventure in WIlson, NY
Here is John and I posing for a shot just before cutting down the awesome tree we picked out!
Photo by +Nicole M. Stuart from +Stu Stu Studio 

For #christmastown +Christmas Town by +lane langmade +Gene Bowker +Shantha Marie Fountain +Lynn Langmade +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht and +Tom McGowanPhoto: Print Giveaway Contest!!! (Facebook "Like" to enter)
This is not my photo!  It's by my all time favorite photographer:
My wife Nicole!!!
I'd like to show that some of my G+ time can help her too!  If you'd like a chance to win a free 8x10 print of ANY of my photos please head over to http://facebook.com/justsaytheword and LIKE our Stu Stu Studio page!

Comment here to let me know you did and consider yourself entered!

I'll run the contest through the end of the year and announce the winner 1/2/2013
(If you already "like" our page you can share this post for an entry as well)

#monochromemonday   #facebookcontest   #printgiveaway   #multinetwork   #crossnetworkpost 

PS - sorry I've been slacking on my #leadinglinesmonday  crew a bit.  So busy!  I will be hitting up some posts tonight for sure :)  Thanks as always for all the great shares!!!Photo: First Snow
We got all dressed up for the first snow this weekend!
Last night was our first parent teacher conference and John's review went great!  When I told him I was proud of him for being a good boy he replied: "Just doin' my job Daddy!"

#PortraitTuesday +PortraitTuesday by +Laura Balc
#trueportraits  +True Portraits by +Ray Bilcliff 

+David Murphy notice the hat???

#portraitphotography   #proudparent  Photo: "You better watch out Daddy!"
There is something truly great about playing with the fallen leaves in the yard!  I love getting all 4 seasons like we do here in Western New york :)

#PortraitTuesday by +Laura Balc
#breakfastclub by +Gemma Costa & +Andrea MartinezPhoto: Photo: Happy Birthday Dad
This is one of my favorite photos ever.  I didn't take it, but it's my Dad with Jim Kelly - arguably the greatest QB to ever play for the Buffalo Bills.  It was taken on the roof of the Liberty Building in Buffalo, NY.  At the peak of his career my father managed this building, the mall, and the Main Place Tower.  Jim and my Father became friends when "Networks" (a night club owned by Jim) opened.  I was even lucky enough to go to the Jim Kelly Football Camp one year even though I was a soccer player.  I got to catch a pass from Warren Moon there!
Dad was very proud to call him a friend and was lucky enough to score Super Bowl tickets to one of the Bills famous 4 trips in a row!

Off the field Jim Kelly started a amazing local charity called Hunter's Hope in 1997 after his son was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, an inherited fatal nervous system disease. http://www.huntershope.org/Photo: Unforgettable Face
I can't picture my son with all his teeth!  Very thankful for this little guy this holiday season :)  He's gonna have a great Christmas!!!

A day early for #weareparents  by +Juan Gonzalez Photo: Love this kid!

#prouddaddy  Photo: My Little Dude
(Sorry +Elle Rogers I had to steal your perfect post title)

For #monochromemonday by +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge & +Nurcan AzazPhoto: "Ready or not, here I come!"

#PortraitTuesday by +Laura BalcPhoto: Potential Energy
Had to post this one.  Not too late in the season for some playground time!

#AutumnPhotographyPhoto: Another for #PortraitTuesday by +Laura Balc
(processed a bit warm on purpose)Photo: HAPPY FALL Y'ALL from Stu Stu Studio
(copy pasted from +Nicole M. Stuart's post on Facebook)
Who takes our family pictures?

We do! 

Set up the tripod and a 10 second delay to run into the frame :)

+Stu Stu Studio  #family   #autumnphotography  Photo: "Ok - so I had some help!"
My little helper last night as captured by +Nicole M. Stuart from +Stu Stu Studio 

#WeAreParents by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Long Way Up
A little picture taking before dinner...
(Shadow is intentional)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mommy's Gift
Today is my wife +Nicole M. Stuart's Birthday and this was our surprise gift to her from John and I.
(A standout print from Mpix)
#happybirthdaymommy  Photo: The 2 Main Sources of Joy in My Life!

For #windowwednesday by +Simon Davis-OakleyPhoto: From the archives
Me and +Nicole M. Stuart back in 2003.
We were on vacation in Lake George, NY.
#loveofmylife  Photo: Been Too Long!
For 2 things:
- Since I've added a photo to my "Family" album
- Since my wife and I have had a date night

Thanks to my buddy Sam for asking to watch our son tonight!  John has been super excited about hanging with Uncle Sam too!

#thankfulthursday +#ThankfulThursday by +Bonnie Pickartz Photo: ADK Here We Come!
This little guy is about to go on his first trip to the Adirondacks!!!
We have not been to the hunting cabin my Grandfather built since he was born!  Wait till you see the pictures :)

For #WeAreParents by +Juan Gonzalez
(photo theme and curator copy/pasted from +Google+ Photography Themes Google Calendar)Photo: Updating Family Album
Try new "Slideshow" button!Photo: Photo by +Nicole StuartPhoto: True Story
From last night...
Me: "John, can I take your picture for Mommy?"
John: "Sure Daddy, you can take a picture of my butt!"

He's a little scorch!

For #PortraitTuesday by +Laura BalcPhoto: Photo: Profile Pic
I love this one.  We had an awesome time at Brown's Berry Patch this wekend picking Blueberries & Blackberries.  Something tells me we'll be back!

Late for #monochromemonday  by +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge +Nurcan Azaz

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: Making Crafts
This image is making it into the Family album because we love making crafts together with our 3 year old John.  We went to Balloons Over Niagara today at Niagara County Community College ( http://niagaracc.suny.edu/balloons/ ) and they had a lot for kids to do - including bounce houses!

#crafts   #family   #weareparents  Photo: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
This is my new favorite photo of all time!
Taken by my favorite photographer +Nicole M. Stuart at my son John's 1st Red Sox game!

#redsoxnation   #fenway100   #fenwaypark   #bostonredsox   #prouddad  Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Wow - 20,000 Followers!
I am so happy I could run around like a little kid! :)
Thanks for all the support and encouragement during my time here.  I feel that I've grown immensely as a photographer and have forged some great friendships in the process.  Not to mention all the amazing inspiration and amazing artists I've found here.
For anyone interested - I'd like to share what I believe is the key growing on Google+
(Note, # of followers is not nearly as important as engagement.  There is a core group of users everyone has that keeps them coming back for more!)

- Be nice & genuine but try to bring value to any comment or post
- Don't post and run: reply to comments, spend time in the stream looking at other people's posts
- Browse hash tags to find people you may not follow that post topics you enjoy (like #leadinglinesmonday  or #defaultbokeh )
- Pay attention to the movers and shakers:  what do they do right?
- Pick a theme or at least pay attention to the % of posts you share.  A profile that shares 20 posts a day is burying it's own content quickly and may dominate someone else's stream in a negative way
- Share: why expect anyone to share your posts if you never share yourself?
- Use +CircleCount ( http://circlecount.com ) to track shared circles, posts statistics, and find new users to follow

Some specific users I'd like to thank:  First off +Vic Gundotra & +Bradley Horowitz for building such a great service.  Then some of my strongest supporters & thought leaders:
+Rahul Roy +martin shervington +Charles Lupica +Peter From +Robin Griggs Wood +Alberto Carreras +Pam Chalkley-Boling +Thomas Hawk +CircleCount +Euro Maestro +Margaret Tompkins +Rinus Bakker +Chrysta Rae +Gene Bowker +Robert SKREINER +Meilani MacDonald +Amanda Blain +Gemma Costa +Jarek Klimek +Jaana Nyström +Susanne Ramharter +pio dal cin +Victor Bezrukov +Jerry Johnson 
The rest of the +Leading Lines Monday team: +Simos Xenakis +David Murphy +Elle Rogers +Andreas Levi and alumni +C.J. Sros & +Jakob Nilsson 
And of course my loving wife +Nicole M. Stuart!!!

#sharingiscaring #thankyou #googleplustips Photo: Group Hug
My wife took this great photo the other morning after my son hugged our dog Sierra and said "take my picture mommy"
I could not resist jumping in. Great shot +Nicole M. Stuart - Love you!

For +We Are Parents by +Juan Gonzalez
and +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa 
and +#ThankfulThursday by +Bonnie Pickartz 

#weareparents #breakfastclub #thankfulthursdayPhoto: #WordlessOnWednesday 
(edit: #PlusPhotoExtract )Photo: Father/Son

Photo by +Nicole M. Stuart @ +Stu Stu Studio 
http://www.facebook.com/justsaythewordPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Puppy Eyes
From Sculpture Park in 2007 (photo by +Nicole M. Stuart, I'm holding dogs up)

#SacredSunday by +Manfred Berndtgen +Robyn Morrison +Margaret Tompkins +Sherrie von Sternberg

#sculpturesunday by +Dirk Röber & +Kevin Burns - +Sculpture SundayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Happy Baby
#portraittuesday  Photo: Within ReachPhoto: Pure Joy
Spending time with my Family is priceless and this photo by my wife +Nicole M. Stuart captures exactly how I feel when we're together!
Check out some of her amazing portrait work here http://fb.com/justsaytheword
+Stu Stu Studio - "Just Say the Word!"
#portraittuesday +PortraitTuesday by +Laura BalcPhoto: Photo: The Pure Joy of a Child
#portraittuesday  Photo: Blue Genes
Bringing back the #bokehlicious   #bokehcuteness  this Friday!
Have a great weekend team #bokeh :
Point Guard - +Leo Deegan
Shooting Guard - +Wesly Smith 
Small Forward - +Paul Moody 
Power Forward - +Dave Besbris 
Center - +Colby Brown (He's tall right?)

Coaching Staff: +Robin Griggs Wood +paula contreras +Wendy Chase +Elizabeth Hahn 

If I forgot anyone consider them in Upper Management.Photo: #portraittuesday   #niagarafalls  Photo: Dense Fog at Chatham Beach
We were Chatham beach in Cape Cod the day after the initial Great White Shark sighting.  The entire beach was covered in  fog which made the strange scene (not one person swimming, news crews) even weirder.
It did make for some great light for photographs!
This is my youngest and we may never cut his hair :)
For those unaware - Friday's are #bokehlicious 
Just ask +Leo Deegan +Wesly Smith +Paul Moody +Dave Besbris +Wendy Chase +Shannon Adelson +Elizabeth Hahn Photo: "It's a BIG world out there"
#babycurls  #pirateadventure #capecod   #tobetwoagain   #cutenessoverload  Photo: #wordlessonwednesday  Photo: Fridays Families are #bokehlicious

Wishing a good weekend to the bokeh loving crew lead by +Leo Deegan +Paul Moody +Dave Besbris +Wesly Smith +Elizabeth Hahn and many many more!Photo: Candy or Decoration?
This can be a tough concept for a 2 year old...
Day 1 of the #FeelingFestiveHolidayChallenge and a perfect addition to the "Fridays are #bokehlicious " shares!
Merry Christmas +Leo Deegan +Wesly Smith +Paul Moody +Dave Besbris +Art through the Aperture Photography +Nicole H +Dawn Siadatan +Kal Pant +Shannon Adelson +Elizabeth Hahn +Robin Griggs Wood and many more!
(Added this to my newly created Christmas Collection)Photo: Photo: Photo: All Smiles - It's Friday!!!
With all the pictures my wife and I take (+Stu Stu Studio) we're lucky to have such willing models in our boys! (Older pic, the hair is cut now I promise!)
Shoutout to all the fellow #FridaysAreBokehlicious #bokeholics
+Leo Deegan +Art through the Aperture Photography +Nicole H +Sean McLean +Shelly Corbett +Betty Habesch +Kal Pant +Elizabeth Hahn +Michael B. Stuart +Paul Moody +Toshinori ABE +Winnie Young +Graham Knights +Keith Elliott +Jacek N. Kozioł +Jasbir S. Randhawa +David Mathre +Darion Jackman +John Balboni +April L Hill +Shannon Adelson +Dylan Johnson +Shelly Gunderson +Robin Griggs Wood +Kathleen Kent +Angie Smith +John Getchel +Uwe Duwe +Magdalena MadZ +Wesly Smith +Wendy Baker +Dawn Siadatan +wolly wolly +Berit Schurse +Tom Tran