Photo: "Hi my name is Schquana, This is my Mother Mary Frances Vines. She died at the young age of 43 on April 15 2012 from a blood clot. My family is still grieving and misses her so much. She was such a loving mother who would do anything for her kids, we grew up so close to our mother she was our backbone. She has 4 girls and two boys and made sure that she told and showed us how much she loved us everyday. Everyone knew our mother as a beautiful person inside and out. We will never forget our mother, she will forever live in our hearts. I cry all the time wishing to see her and often ask Why!!!!!! but I realized that God doesnt make mistakes and Know we have the prettiest Angel watching over us. Rip Momma!!!!! Timmy, Kevin, Schquana, Sierra, Brittany, Shineace, Shonda, Jamal, and all your grandkids love you and misses you so much."
Photo: "My wonderful Mother" ~Sally
Photo: "Photo of my mom" ~Peggy
Photo: "My favorite photo of mom." ~Suzanne
Photo: "My first Mother's Day without my wonderful Mom. Love and miss you more than word's can say." ~Dawn
"Photo of my mom" ~Peggy
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