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Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Penelope 'Penny' PussycatPhoto: Cookie 'Little Chin' CrumbsPhoto: Pixie "Silk" GrumpkinsPhoto: Photo: Photo: I have a new desk mate: the K1 Robot from Fourth Doctor story Robot #doctorwho  Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I have a new desk mate: the K1 Robot from Fourth Doctor story Robot #doctorwho  Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dear Steven Moffatt, here is a rough synopsis of a #DoctorWho episode I'd like to see translated from the soundstage in my head and into actual televisual production.


"We open on the cosmos. A Cyber Scout ship has been trailing the TARDIS for some time. As the Doctor hovers his ship over a backwater planet [an internal scene would explain a) he's just thwarted a cyber plot  and b) why he stops, likely to prove a point to his companion, or he's lost and needs to read an A-Z] the Cyber ship fires. The TARDIS rocks. The ship fires again. The TARDIS spins. The third shot in quick succession sends the TARDIS hurtling downwards onto the rocky planet below, thankfully long since abandoned by its peoples.

Anticipating a crash, the Doctor tries to throw up the defence shields. They're damaged. The HADS kicks in, punting the doctor and his companion down on the planet surface. They can only watch on as the TARDIS plunges from the sky and smacks into an austere, brutal-looking horizon.

Anticipating success, the Cybermen pilot on down after the TARDIS, but, for a reason I can't think of yet, makes their ship crash, killing the bulk of the Cyber unit on impact.

The survivors, about five or six, are in various states of damage. Limbs are hanging off, helmets are cracked, hydraulic limbs are punctured, and, for some, their augmented human remains are spilling out of their steel casings.

Warning alarms ring out, competing for attention. Chest units have been damaged and will cease to function in a few hours; contact has been lost with the Cyberaid; ship repair impossible...

The cyber instinct "to survive" kicks in. With no option, they start to harvest spare parts from their dead — and not so dead — comrades.

The Cyberleader is badly damaged; alive but pinched between two giant metal supports. A one-armed cyberman with a cracked helmet approaches. His blank stare seems colder than usual. The lights in his eyes blink on. And then off. They don't come back on. Reaching out with his remaining arm, the Cyberleader is harvested by his inferior.

The camera cuts to the outside of the ship as the leader screams

The Doctor, having seen the Cyber ship crash, is concerned. He only has a rough idea of where the TARDIS is (hurrah for 'homing beacon app' on his sonic ;)) but the atmosphere isn't rich enough in oxygen for his companion to survive long in. If his companion is to survive he's going to need some cyber technology...


Patched up for now, though without any functioning weaponry, or any means of contacting the Cyberaid or Cyberplanner for help, the new self-appointed Cyberleader gathers his troops outside the ship. . Mission override: the original aim to destroy the TARDIS/Doctor (and stop the Doctor's incessant meddling, as mentioned at the start of the episode) has been replaced with Cyber Protocol One: TO SURVIVE.

With a few bits of tech salvaged from their ship (including something with a Temporal HooHahh Locator App, hurrah!) they begin their march towards the TARDIS. It's their only chance of survival.

At this point there'd be an act of slight insanity from the new Cyberleader where he either snaps the handles off his helmet [to resemble the cyberleaders from the classic series] or removes his helmet faceplate entirely [see image] revealing the remnants of his humanity beneath. This would do two things: make him visually identifiable and show that when the survival protocol is activated everything you thought you knew about the cybermen changes...


The next 40 mins would be a mix of cyber cunning (including some horrific upgrading/harvesting of  animal/native life forms ) as a frantic game of cat and mouse plays out.

The Cybermen would eventually realise that they need the Doctor if they're to survive the planet; and the Doctor needs the Cybermen if his companion is to survive. Can the two work together to get off the planet? Or will instincts kick in...

[Spoiler: Yes, instinct would kick in. The Cyberleader (who'd be the only survivor to make it into the TARDIS, having killed his last remaining solider to save the doctor's companion) would revert to his original mission as soon as the TARDIS took off. The Doctor would have pre-empted this inevitability – "Binary thoughts are so predictable" – and the Cyberleader would be dealt with by the self-repaired TARDIS defence system.]

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