9 Photos - Apr 18, 2012
Photo: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has changed over the last decade and a half in spotlight. You would notice a drastic improvement in her cheeks. She has got fat implants on her cheeks and upper lip. Besides, she is also known to have corrected her jawline and teeth.Photo: Rakhi Sawant admits that she had gone for breast implants. “Since physical beauty works like a magic pill in this glamour world, I decided to go under the knife and get silicon implants,” she says. Rakhi feels such enhancements helped her fetch good roles.Photo: Almost everyone knows about Koena Mitra's infamous nose job. The Bengali actress has gone through it all: silicon implants, nose job and lip job. Sadly, the last two backfired and the girl lost a lot of money.Photo: Bollywood actress and Rajatsthan Royals owner Shilpa Shetty seems to have got them all, butt implants, breast implants and a nose job, which is public knowledge. The actress really brought plastic surgery out of the closet by admitting publicly to a nose job.Photo: Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, who made an award-winning Bollywood debut in 'Ajnabee', had reportedly gone for silicon implants. Bidding goodbye to the modelling world, the Bengali babe wanted to get a voluptuous, fuller look. She reportedly even had an ear job done.Photo: The husky voice beauty Sushmita Sen was one of the first ones in the present line of actresses, to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery. The former Miss Universe was perhaps the first actress who openly admitted that she wore silicon implants.Photo: Actress Preity Zinta reportedly underwent liposuction and face lifts for a sexier look. Preity also removed the laughter lines which developed post 'Salaam Namastey'. The nose job is but obvious. Quite a drastic change, from the cute girl in 'Kya Kehna' to the hot IPL team owner.Photo: Actress and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra reportedly gone through Rhinoplasty (nose job). She has reportedly gone through skin lightening treatments to make her skin look fairer. Priyanka reportedly has had other cosmetic surgery procedures, including collagen injections to boost her lips and give her a more enhanced pout.Photo: British Indian actress Katrina Kaif appears to have done some work on her lips and cheeks. Her nose surgery is pretty obvious, just watch her nose in earlier films and compare it with the sleek nose she carries these days. Now we get from where did she got the 'Barbie' look.