28 Photos - Feb 16, 2015
Photo: March; the trees are just coming into bud.Photo: March; the sheep don’t have much food in the meadows so we let them eat hay. The high mountains are still covered in snowPhoto: April; very vibrant scenery with the new spring growthPhoto: April; our wild flower meadows start to look spectacularPhoto: April /May; with the wild flowers there are butterflies galore and an information board to help you identify them.Photo: May; admiring the views from the hotel terracePhoto: May; wild flowers galore on the farm and around the hotelPhoto: May; time to harvest potatoes from our organic vegetable gardenPhoto: May/June; start harvesting our soft fruitPhoto: June; Vegetable garden producing lots of different fresh vegetablesPhoto: June; lovely long days and enjoying the food and views in the hotel restaurant.Photo: June; our free range chickensPhoto: July; tasty eggsPhoto: July; enjoying a quiet drink outside the hotelPhoto: July; sun setting over the Sueve MountainsPhoto: August; with the horsesPhoto: August; tomatoesPhoto: August; an abundance of tasty Mediterranean vegetablesPhoto: September; the hotel, the farm and the sceneryPhoto: September; enjoying a drink on the terracePhoto: October; apples ready for harvestingPhoto: October; autumn colourPhoto: October; our sheep on a misty morningPhoto: November; more autumn colourPhoto: November; the farm and hotel in late autumnPhoto: December; snow on the mountains behind the hotel.Photo: January; snow and the chickensPhoto: February, unusual sight snow around the hotel