215 Photos - Nov 10, 2011
Photo: Photo: Chasing Storms :)

We had a big thunderstorm last night with some incredible lightning #nyc   #nightphotography   #lightning   #wtcPhoto: Yosemite National Park, CA 

A car drove by during the long exposure just long enough to illuminate a few trees. Still dark enough to get some stars so I didn't mind :)Photo: San Francisco-Oakland Bay BridgePhoto: San Francisco, CAPhoto: Haven't edited photos in a while, but playing around with +Nik Photography Sharpening Tools. I'm a big fan of Color Efex & Dfine, but not too sure when to use the different sharpening tools. Does anyone use both the Raw Pre-Sharpening and the Output Sharpening? I've only really tried the Output Sharpening and feel like both would probably not be necessary on a single image, but is there a benefit to using both?

This is a photo taken from the  #highline  in #nyc . It's one of my favorite places in the city, especially in the evening or early morning- when it's not too crowded :)Photo: Good morning from NYCPhoto: It's Been Awhile...Photo: DC CapitolPhoto: Gold Coast - Chicago, IL

Whenever I travel to a new place, I always struggle finding a good balance between going to the touristy/iconic places and searching for hole-in-the-wall gems. For photography, I always find that I want to shoot the iconic locations, but when a place has been photographed a gazillion times, does it really matter if you get the shot too? Is time better spent looking for some place unique and undiscovered? Or will you be kicking yourself in the butt thinking ugh why did I not get a shot of that statue, that skyline, etc.?

#wordlesswednesday   #wordlessonwednesdayPhoto: Chicago, ILPhoto: Tribute in Light New York, NY

This is my first time seeing the Tribute in Light for 9/11, which is absolutely breathtaking. It's a beacon of hope and reminds me to really appreciate those that I love.

#newyork   #tributeinlight  +9/11 Memorial  #Honor911Photo: The empty path - New York, NYPhoto: The boats drift away 

I was in Chicago recently for a couple days for a work trip and I must say that it is a wonderful city! If it weren't for those brutally cold winters, I'd be tempted to pack my bags and move out there.

I went to see the fireworks at Navy Pier. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention and completely missed them, but snapped a few shots after as the boats that had flocked around the pier sailed (or I guess I should say drove off since they weren't sail boats ha).

#longexposure   #navypier   #chicagoPhoto: Navy Pier ChicagoPhoto: Verrazano Bridge - New York, NY

As you may know, I love to photograph bridges (some may call it an obsession) and living in NYC, there are a lot to chose from. This is a photo just after sunset of the Verrazano Bridge, which is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. It was my first time seeing the bridge up close and now, it may be one of my favorite bridges in NYC.

Does anyone have any tips for shooting large objects (mainly architecture)? This bridge is so tall that it's actually really hard to get the whole first tower in your frame. With my wide angle lens (14-24)- I always try to keep it relatively level (parallel to the ground) to try to reduce the distortion, but I struggle because I want more sky in the image. However, I have to sacrifice getting more sky for straighter structures. Is the best solution to do panoramas? I can post an example of what I'm talking about if that doesn't make sense ha!

#nyc   #d800   #sunset   #verrazanobridgePhoto: Verrazano Bridge pt 2 NYCPhoto: Verrazano Bridge (pt. 2) Brooklyn, NY

Here's another shot shortly after sunset on Sunday night :)Photo: Sunshine and City Lights - New York, NYPhoto: Summer Nights New York- NY

Sunset a couple of nights ago from Chelsea looking out towards downtown (new World Trade Tower out in the distance).

#sunset   #nyc   #newyork   #d800Photo: Drift Away - Virginia Beach, Virginia

This is from Chick's Beach over looking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

#longexposure   #sunsetPhoto: Overlooking the Chesapeake Bay

Spent the weekend in Virginia and was able to get a few sunrises and sunsets at the Chesapeake Bay (Chick's Beach) overlooking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Finally was able to test out some long exposures with my new Nikon D800! Missing being able to use filters though- might need to invest in some new ones at some point eek!Photo: #wordlesswednesday   #wordlessonwednesdayPhoto: Good morning G+!

Here's a sunrise shot taken a few weeks ago back home at my parent's place. This was after I realized I forgot my battery at the house charging and had to run back in! But, definitely worth waking up at 5am :)

#sunrise   #beachPhoto: Happy Friday - Virginia Beach, VirginiaPhoto: Seeing stars 

I took this last month from my parent's balcony in Virginia. I really wish I could see stars from my window, but all the light pollution in NYC makes it a little difficult to see more than a handful of stars at night.

On the other hand, I wonder if I would take a view like this for granted. I feel like living in the city really makes me appreciate the little things like the sound of crickets, the glow of fireflies, and the beautiful starry night.Photo: Street lights and starry nights 

This is a long exposure from a few weeks ago. It was so great to be back in Virginia and see the stars again- It's one thing I really take for granted living in New York!

#starscape   #beachphotography   #longexposurePhoto: But our footprints wash away

This was about an hour after #sunset  and the #beach   was pretty. I set up to take some photos (hoping to catch the stars- but it was a little too bright) and someone walked right in front of my camera, but left a trail of footprints which I really liked :)Photo: Summertime and the livin's easy

One of the nice things about getting up for sunrise is having this moment all to yourself! I wish I could force myself to get up this early everyday- I feel like I miss out on so many beautiful scenes

#sunrisephotography   #beachPhoto: Just a quick dip - Virginia

Couldn't figure out why my last few photos were coming out a little weird when I posted them- silly Auto Enhance was automatically set!

#sunsetphotography   #beach   #longexposurePhoto: Happy 4th of July Everyone! (NYC fireworks)Photo: A Room with a View 

This is after the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Immediately after the show, the streets were flooded with people and it reminded me of a scene straight out of World War Z! I hid up here for a little while to let the madness subside before venturing back out :)

#newyork   #gotham   #nightphotographyPhoto: But you can't take my blues away - New York, NYPhoto: All in a Row - New York, NY

#sunsetphotography   #longexposurePhoto: Manhattan Skyline 

Here's a shot of the skyline taken from Queens with the Empire State Building (which I still need to go to the top!) and the Chrysler building (which is one of my absolute favorite buildings in New York City!).

Question for you- I noticed that a lot of posts have a headline and then the option to "read more" instead of just a long paragraph of text showing. Is there a shortcut or sneaky trick I'm missing on how to do this?Photo: This is another shot of the Manhattan Skyline shot from the Z Hotel last friday.

**Thanks again to +DeShaun Craddock  for organizing and it was so great to meet/catch-up with a wonderful group of photographers!

#nyc   #manhattan   #nightphotography   #longexposure   #d800Photo: Manhattan Skyline from the Z HotelPhoto: Let's stay awhile - New York, NY

Happy Friday everyone!!!Photo: Time Stood Still 

This is from last night's sunset on the high line in New York City- We've had some crazy weather the past week with the days alternating between torrential downpours and beautiful blue skies, but it's made for some pretty spectacular sunsets and wonderful clouds!

#nyc   #newyork   #highline   #sunset   #skylinePhoto: One way or the other

#newyorkcity   #sunset   #streetlights   #cityscapePhoto: Sunset in NYC 

Goodmorning, G+ers! Hope everyone has a wonderful day today :)

#highline   #sunset   #nyc   #hdr   #d800Photo: It's a rainy day in New York City... took this a couple of nights ago at one of the piers in Midtown.Photo: When the storm passes... Another shot from the a few nights ago at one of the piers on the west side in New York CityPhoto: Blue Hour Upper West Side, NYC

I took this during a #Drinkanclick  event on Saturday. I was so excited to see a pier in New York City, but was hoping for a little better of a sunset. Blue hour came out very pretty- I had to even desaturate the blue in this image, because it was a little overpowering for me.

On a side note- It's been a little over a week since I've uploaded a photo and there are lots of changes going on! Can I no longer share a photo from my album directly without having to go back in and share it after I've finished uploading? This changes my workflow a little bit and I may start just sharing directly from posts instead even though I like having everything in my one album :/Photo: Not my typical type of post, but this flower was so beautiful!

#macromondayPhoto: I was in San Francisco a couple of days ago and decided to venture out to Crissy Field to see the sunset and try to grab a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day and so anticipated that the beach would be packed, but to my surprise, this is the only other person I saw the entire time I was there!Photo: High Speed New York, NYPhoto: Taken a couple weeks back when I was in San Francisco. I wish I would have had more time there to get a few more shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to access it without a car!Photo: Split down the middle

Afternoon in Central Park in New York City.Photo: Stay a While - San Francisco, California

I was in San Francisco last week for work and stayed at the Parc 55 and had a beautiful view of the city. I made my first attempt at making a time lapse (and now need to figure out how to put it together- any suggestions?)- this is one of the images during blue hour right before sunrise. It was really interesting to go through the images and see the sky turn from black to purple to blue to (sadly) gray. Anyone have any experience with time lapses? Do you use any specific software to put them together?

#sanfrancisco   #bluehour   #sunrisePhoto: In case you ever wondered what +Scott Jarvie would look like in an overly HDR-ed image :)Photo: Another shot from a few nights ago... Love the calm water in Central Park and surprisingly the park was pretty empty! Can't wait for all the trees to start blooming!!

#sunsetphotography   #nycPhoto: Bow Bridge in Central Park 

Spring is definitely in the air in New York City- Absolutely loving this weather right now!

...but, I really should be doing my taxes :/ whoopsies!

#nyc   #landscapephotography   #sunsetphotographyPhoto: Sunset in the city - New York, NYPhoto: West side highway- New York, NY

Have been a little MIA lately, but hoping to get back into the rhythm of things! I went almost two weeks without taking a single photo (shame on me!). To make up for it, I've almost taken 1000 photos over the last week so hope to have plenty of new posts coming :)

This is a shot from a couple of nights ago out on the West Side Highway. The weather has slowly been getting warmer and the days lasting a little longer, thankful spring is finally settling in :)

#nyc   #manhattan   #skyline   #sunsetPhoto: Rain drops - Washington, DC

This is from the DC Botanical Garden when I was there a couple of weeks ago.. It's currently pouring in New York, which really makes me not want to go outside right now!

#flower   #raindrops   #macrophotography   #macroPhoto: Photo: Photo: I took this last week after work. It had been snowing all day and the sky was very ominous, but for about 20 minutes there was this beautiful pink in the sky. By the time I got up to the balcony, most of the pink was already gone, but I snapped a couple of shots anyway. Gotta make do with what ya got :pPhoto: I took this last week after work. It had been snowing all day and the sky was very ominous, but for about 20 minutes there was this beautiful pink in the sky. By the time I got up to the balcony, most of the pink was already gone, but I snapped a couple of shots anyway. Gotta make do with what ya got :pPhoto: Photo: This wooden heart is built from boards salvaged from the boardwalks that were damaged during Hurricane  SandyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cloudy Mountains- VermontPhoto: Take a Deep Breath - VermontPhoto: If a Tree Falls- Killington, VermontPhoto: A Quiet Walk to the Mountain - Killington, VermontPhoto: Nostalgic Walk  Along the Upper Westside - New York CityPhoto: The Flatiron Building is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to photograph. The open area allows for plenty of sunshine and the surrounding buildings seem to glow! It's quite magical!Photo: Just a quick stroll through Central Park...Photo: The first few snowflakes of the storm...Photo: Central Park Trees 

Early morning Central Park after the snow storm. Would love another snow storm this weekend, but I'll settle for this wonderfully warm weather we are having right now.

#nyc   #centralpark   #snow   #newyork   Photo: Macro Snow- Elena Solomon, Life Between Pixels.

Check out prints at:
http://smu.gs/15fmXBOPhoto: Central Park Sled- Elena Solomon.
Life Between Pixels. Check out prints at: http://smu.gs/Y6mufQPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hearst

I love #newyorkcity   architecture! There are so many beautiful buildings here and I want to explore every single one of them! The #Hearst   Tower is one of my favorite buildings in #Midtown   and I want to explore inside one day (I took a photo of the escalators once, but that's as far in as I got). I never know which buildings I'm allowed to wander through and which I can't. There needs to be a sign like "explorable" or something on these buildings!

Do you have a favorite building in NYC? I feel like the typical answers are Empire State or Chrysler, but any less famous ones that you absolutely love?

This is my contribution for #windowwednesday  by +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +J.J. Bentley +Catherine Furet and +Jules Falk HunterPhoto: On a jet plane

Here's a shot from the airport yesterday while I waited for my flight to board

#newark   #airport   #nyc   #plane  Photo: Sugar Sugar

This is another shot from #barbados  of sugarcane fields. It's a very simple photo, but I like the colors :) Photo: Photo: In the Morning Sun

Photo from my last morning in Barbados. I already want to start planning my next trip, especially now that we have this dreary weather in New York! Any suggestions?

Happy Wednesday!!

#Barbados   #landscapephotography   #seascapephotography  Photo: Gotham

I went to Top of the Rock over the holidays, but it was so cloudy you couldn't see the sunset! However, I like moody images so this works for me :)

#empirestatebuilding   #nyc   #newyorkcity   #photography  Photo: Bare Boned and Crazy

Here's another shot from the pier that I uploaded the other day

What other social media sites do you guys mainly use? I was playing around with 500px/flickr/tumblr/wordpress, but it seems like a lot to keep track of. Do you normally just upload to one site (like Google+) or do you typically upload to a range of different sites?

#barbados   #caribbean   #pier   #longexposurethursday   #seascape   #seacscapephotography   #photography  Photo: Guiding Light 

Here is an image from my last morning in Barbados at the Oistins Pier.

#seascape   #Barbados   #sunrise  Photo: Wide Open Spaces 

#barbados   #landscapephotography   #clouds  Photo: Driven to distraction by all the colors passing by 

Happy Monday everyone! This is as close to a bridge shot as I could get in Barbados.

#barbados   #landscapephotography   #seascpephotography   #pier 

+Landscape Photography Photo: Rock the House

First of many shots to come of Barbados...

Have you ever taken so many photos that you don't even know where to start in terms of editing them?

Also, thanks again for the tips! I went ahead and got the polarizer and it was so useful!!

#Barbados   #TGIF  Photo: Blue Hour 

Going to Barbados tomorrow morning and it'll be my first time going to the Caribbean!! Has anyone been there before and have any suggestions? Also, any suggestions for photography equipment? I don't have much experience shooting at the beach and was going to go pick up an ND filter today. I was thinking about getting a 1.2 (4 stop), is that enough?Photo: Purple Rain

Strange purple hue in the sky tonight, made for a pretty sunset at Pier 17

#nyc   #manhattanbridge   #brooklynbridge  Photo: Flatiron Building

#nyc   #flatiron  Photo: 59

#nyc   #newyorkcity   #bridge   #59thstreetbridge  Photo: Photo: Breathe 

Do you guys post from one album or do you just post straight from your wall? I usually post from my album LifeBetweenPixels to try and keep everything organized, but it's an extra step and never know if it's really worth it. I'll post directly from my wall when it's not something relevant to my normal photography like for caturday or when I see a cool article... What do you guys do?

Anyways, here's a shot from when I was in Wyoming... TGIAF!Photo: But all the colors mix together 

#nyc   #bridge   #newyorkcityskyline   #mirrorsandreflections   #mirrormonday  Photo: Just another bridge for ya :)

#nyc   #newyorkcityphotography   #bridge  Photo: I'm blue, da ba de

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm really enjoying +Nik Software! I just got the whole suite a few weeks ago and love the Color Efex Pro. I feel like I can get a lot of the effects of HDR without having to take a bracketed image. I haven't used their HDR product yet, but I'm interested to try it out with the control points.

What are your thoughts?

#Austin   #austinskyline   #photography   #nightphotography   #reflections   #mirrorsandreflections   #mirrormonday  by +Gemma Costa +Elizabeth Edwards +Andrea Martinez  (whoa that's a lot of hashtags haha)Photo: Rainbow after the Storm

From the light show in NYC these past few days that shined across the city highlighting the areas that were most affected by Hurricane Sandy

#nyc   #abstract  Photo: Staring straight back at me

Went to take photos of the "Little Red Lighthouse" yesterday and of course got some shots of the GW Bridge. I haven't gone through them all yet, but here's one for now :)

#bridge    #nyc   #georgewashingtonbridge  Photo: Little Red Lighthouse

Has anyone read the story?

#newyorkcity   #lighthouse   #seascape  Photo: I've drowned and dreamt this moment

I need to have my camera cleaned and I've tried doing it myself with no luck. Does anyone have suggestions for someone in NYC?

#Nyc   #sacredsunday   #centralpark  Photo: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

#newyorkcity  Photo: Octave

#centralpark   #nyc   #streetphotography  Photo: She dare not turn around

#newyorkcity   #nyc  Photo: Under the bridge

#Dumbo   #brooklynbridge   #manhattanbridge   #nyc  Photo: Here's a shot from last night's sunset right after getting kicked out of the park... multiple times..

#Brooklyn   #nyc   #skylinephotography  Photo: Just when you thought I was done posting about bridges :)

#newyorkcity   #nyc   #dumbo   #manhattanbridge  Photo: Strong enough to hold the weight of time

#newyorkcity  Photo: Washington, DCPhoto: Good morning Google+sters! This is from my evening walks with the pup

#Westsidehighway   #newyorkcity   #pier   #ny  Photo: I'm obviously going through a bridge phase haPhoto: Went to #hellsgatebridge   yesterday. My lens wasn't wide enough to get both bridges in the photo so I focused on this one since it was lit up. For some reason, all of my images came out fiery red. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my white balance or what. Any ideas?

#nyc  Photo: Skipping rocks and leaving footprints

#newyorkcity  Photo: Here's another shot from last night at the #Triborobridge 

#nyc   #newyorkcity  Photo: "Writing a memory or writing a rhyme"

#nyc   #newyorkcity   #bridge  Photo: Can you guess what this is?Photo: Blue skies smiling at me

#Nyc   #newyorkcity   #worldtradecenter  Photo: Did anyone else have a crazy, beautiful sunset tonight? It was so intense!Photo: Another photo from the sunset last night! I was going to try to get up for sunrise today, but I'm still laying in bed as I type this ha! I wish there was a really good way to tell when there was going to be a beautiful sunrise/sunset. Can someone make an app for that?

#sunsetphotography   #sunset   #nyc  Photo: Raindrops keep falling on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit
Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling

#moodymonday  Photo: First hurricane Sandy and now a nor'easter... this is going to be a long winter!

#newyorkcity   #timessquare   #treyslightroompresets  Photo: Election night 2012 in Times Square, NYC

#election2012   #election   #obama   #timessquare   #nyc  Photo: Getting ready to walk to work today... can't wait for the subways to get up and running again!

#Jacksonwyoming  Photo: One of my favorite areas in central park!

#sunsetsaturday   #newyorkcity   #nyc  Photo: Another shot from last night in Central Park...

#centralparkautumn   #sunset   #nyc   #newyorkcity  Photo: Reflections

#newyorkcity   #hdrphotography  Photo: The crane in New York

#newyorkcity   #hurricanesandy   #hdrphotography  Photo: Underground

#washingtondc  Photo: I was in DC for about 28 hours before I had to leave, because of Hurricane Sandy. I luckily made it back into the city before they closed down transportation!

#washingtondc   #fallfriday   #fallcolors  Photo: Empire State of Mind

#nyc   #newyorkcity   #empirestatebuilding  Photo: An evening in Central Park

#centralpark   #newyorkcity  Photo: I went to the Global Citizen Festival this weekend and then wandered around #centralpark  on my way home. It was so green and wonderful that I almost forgot that I was in the middle of New York! #Ilovethiscity  Photo: Photo: Not a bad view from the office

New York, NYPhoto: Just downloaded +Trey Ratcliff's new presets. Having a little fun editing some photos while it snows outside :). This one is HDR-in-lightroom-Potent Extreme. I also used +Nik Software's Dfine to reduce the noise a little bit.

#TreysLightroomPresets  Photo: The sunset in DC

#sunsetsaturday   #sunsetphotography  Photo: I saved you a seat Photo: "I was on a Paris train, I emerged in London rain"

New York, NYPhoto: It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Found out in August that I had to move to New York for work. Finally, have an apartment and can enjoy this wonderful weather!

New York, NYPhoto: How many touristy spots can you get in one image?Photo: I just had some pending photo tag approvals that I just went through... Does anyone know if these are automatic suggestions or if people are requesting to tag me in them? I had to laugh out loud, because so far, I've been suggested to be a 40 year old asian and a 7 year old blonde child hmm... Anyone else had a similar experience? Photo: Two Face 

Taken at Town Lake in Austin, TX

#travelthursday   #reflection   #austin  Photo: Loving this stormy weather! Another night of moody clouds :)

#AustinPhoto: Last night, I was hoping that the sunset would be beautiful with the chance for storms today, but it got too cloudy to get a good shot and it was so gray and drab that I gave up. I went over to one of the bridges on town lake (I get them all mixed up so I'm honestly not sure what this bridge is called), but I liked how moody it looked!

On a side note, has anyone upgraded to Lightroom 4? I'm using the 30 day trial right now and I really like it. I feel like I have a lot more control over editing, but I still have 16 days left and can't decide!

#AustinPhoto: Hope everyone had a wonderful cuatro de julio!

#fireworksPhoto: Here's a photo for #sunsetsaturday . This has to be one of the most (if not the most) photographed location in Austin, Texas. It's definitely a wonderful place to watch the sunset!

#Austin   #Texas   #360bridge   #sunset  Photo: Happy TGIAF everyone! I want to plan a trip somewhere. Any suggestions for weekend trips around NYC?

#sunset   #austin   #lake   #travelthursday  Photo: Photo: Photo: Cause when the sun goes down, we'll be groovin...Photo: The Grand Canyon of YellowstonePhoto: Dandelion will make you wise

Taken with my new lens. I cropped it to 100% and was impressed that it still came out pretty clear!Photo: Another shot from Wyoming. I already want to plan my next trip. Has anyone gone to Big Bend in Texas?Photo: Beautiful WyomingPhoto: Another shot from when I was in Jackson, Wyoming earlier this year.

#Jacksonwyoming  Photo: Happy Election Day!!

This is from an early morning hike at the Grand Tetons

#jacksonwyoming   #grandtetonnationalpark   #grandteton  Photo: Pretty eyed, pirate smile...

Fourth of July last year in Austin, TXPhoto: Trying out my new 18-200mm lens. I'm going to the Grand Tetons & Yellow stone on Wednesday and wanted a full range zoom. So far I like it a lot.

Austin, TXPhoto: Sitting outside at a coffee shop, enjoying the cool breeze, and wishing for another beautiful sunset.

#sandiegoPhoto: This just makes me laugh

#Austin #HDR #utphotowalkPhoto: One of my favorite places to take the dog :)

#Austin #HDRPhoto: Wishing I was by the beach right now

#SanDiegoPhoto: "Neon shines through smokey eyes tonight."

#Austin #Drinkandclick #DrinkandclickatxPhoto: "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream."

#AustinPhoto: Tower of the Americas

San Antonio, TexasPhoto: Sometimes I love the fog

On the way to work, Austin, TXPhoto: Who is excited for SXSW? I'll be at the Google Village from 1-4 and then I'm going to try and make it to the tail end of Trey's photowalk. This is my first SXSW, any tips?

Sea-duction San Diego, CAPhoto: Going to San Diego tomorrow! So excited, any recommendations?

Image from 360 bridge in Austin, TXPhoto: Had a lot of fun at the UT Photowalk. Thanks +Juan Gonzalez and +Lotus Carroll for organizing it! Spending my Saturday editing a couple of the images :)

#UTPhotowalkPhoto: Went up to the 360 bridge for the sunset last night. There were so many people there that it was almost impossible to get an actual shot of the bridge so I spent most of my time facing the other direction. But, I loved the way the light hits these rocks and would like to try and get them from another vantage point sometime.

Austin, TXPhoto: Bird's Nest

Beijing, ChinaPhoto: For #streetartsunday curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

Austin, TXPhoto: Austin, TXPhoto: Seville, SpainPhoto: Austin, TXPhoto: I don't normally do Black and Whites. I typically only do them when I can't get the color just right and get fed up so I just convert to B&W. This was taken at night and the bright lights on the capitol just looked really weird so I just gave up ha!

On a side note, anyone here playing Ingress? What are your thoughts?

#Austin   #bwphotography   #architecture  Photo: SpainPhoto: Charlottesville, VirginiaPhoto: Chengdu, ChinaPhoto: SpainPhoto: Beijing, ChinaPhoto: First snowfall 2010- VirginiaPhoto: Fall in the Blue Ridge MountainsPhoto: Charlottesville, VaPhoto: Photo: Underneath a chandelier- Austin, TxPhoto: Seville, SpainPhoto: Great Dismal Swamp- VirginiaPhoto: French Candy in Madrid, SpainPhoto: Electric Shower- Shanghai, ChinaPhoto: Chengdu, ChinaPhoto: Blue Ridge MountainsPhoto: Charlottesville VineyardPhoto: Chengdu, ChinaPhoto: Thanksgiving sunrisePhoto: Photo: Sunrise on Town LakePhoto: Purple is my favorite color :)Photo: Another view of the LakePhoto: 360 Bridge at SunsetPhoto: Photo: I'm so lucky to be living in Austin and surrounded by all of these breathtaking views! I kept hearing about the 360 bridge and so on the way home from work decided to take a detour and check it out myself!Photo: Photo: Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

#AustinPhoto: Photo: Photo: Stumbled upon this beautiful place while walking through the Art District. The guy in the top right was working on a painting while I explored this building.

798 Art District. Beijing, ChinaPhoto: Saw a tutorial for motion blur and decided to try it out on a photo that was kind of boring before...Photo: Dragon Festival in Shanghai, ChinaPhoto: If these walls could talk...