46 Photos - Mar 7, 2015
Photo: Happy little dragonPhoto: Happy St David's DayPhoto: Many flagsPhoto: Cute kidsPhoto: Welsh pipersPhoto: A little dragonPhoto: Mobile musicPhoto: DancersPhoto: Look, we're in the parade!Photo: Flag of Saint DavidPhoto: Pipes and drumPhoto: Pipers in the castlePhoto: Welsh choirPhoto: Many dragonsPhoto: TraditionalPhoto: Waiting for the Parade to startPhoto: Waiting..Photo: Happy hedgehogPhoto: Everyone is in the paradePhoto: Floral artPhoto: Bunting a-plentyPhoto: A touch of brassPhoto: Fantastic hatsPhoto: The BardPhoto: Joining the funPhoto: The flag of Owain GlyndŵrPhoto: Showing his true coloursPhoto: Beautiful flowersPhoto: Dancers and bananasPhoto: Festival!Photo: Celtic groupPhoto: Samba GalêzPhoto: St David's CrossPhoto: MarchingPhoto: BellsPhoto: Watch out for the giant seagullsPhoto: A knight and many dragonsPhoto: Great costumesPhoto: Even daffs like musicPhoto: Little WelshiesPhoto: Flying the flagPhoto: Great costumePhoto: Symbols of WalesPhoto: Traditional dressPhoto: Bubble-bikePhoto: So many Welsh flags