1 Photo - Jul 31, 2012
Photo: Here's the new Digg layout at 1024x768 (image attached - scroll down a bit!). You see 1 whole story & 2 partal stories (Hacker News shows 22 stories at this res). Alongside that, you don't even see the full logo. 'igg' it says.

Bravo to them for making change, and hopefully they'll be in feedback gathering mode, but this just hasn't been properly thought through or user tested.

Some further points:

1. The lead story image is pointlessly large. At the moment the image is a really generic image that adds nothing. Maybe if this were the 'top photos' category, or a photo-centric article the scale would work.
2. I don't think they've realised they're a story aggregator. The purpose of an aggregator is essentially to A) surface interesting/popular content, B) get out of the way in the first instance, and C) to enable/stimulate discussion in the second.
3. If you scroll to the foot of the page, they get it right, with a much higher 'story:space' density.
4. This is the big launch, the point where they get a 'free' spike in traffic & to test things quickly. Yet there's no A/B test code running at the moment.
5. They've even got the Google Analytics code in the wrong place in the code.

Aside from this, from a non-UI perspective:

6. They've killed off all of the old URLs, which simply 404 to a blank page (containing the single line "404: Not Found") - even the sitelinks point toward these - eg http://digg.com/news/entertainment/media/recent.
7. There's not even a robots.txt file or any 301 redirects from old content to other places.
8. Can you leave any commentary on links? Or is this purely now a link aggregator?
9. They don't seem to have thought through categorisation, or 'hub' pages, likely very important from both a user & a search engine traffic perspective. (here's an example of a well-thought-out, automated hub page from The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/davidcameron )

I'm aware these are all negatives. There are some positives there, but I'll stick to this for now! Any other thoughts?