5 Photos - Feb 15, 2012
Photo: Here are two adorable cats, Simba and Poppy, relaxing on a Brora random rug. Thank you Sam for sending in this great photo!Photo: This is Meg keeping warm with a Brora jumper, lucky Meg looks very cosy indeed! Thank you to Meg's owner Fiona for sending in this wonderful photo.Photo: This great photo of an adorable little dog wearing a Brora scarf was entered into one of our photo competitions last year. If you are the owner of this super cute dog please let us know his/her name.Photo: Arthur the Siamese cat keeping warm on the Aga shelf snuggled on his Brora blanket. Thank you Joanna for tweeting this great picture!Photo: This is Honey the chihuahua keeping warm on her favourite blanket, a Brora random rug! Honey's owner Hayley works in Brora Head Office.