83 Photos - May 31, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mock up room drywall installation Dec 17,12Photo: Photo: Stonework on NW corner Dec 11,12Photo: Stonework on elevator shaft Dec 11,12Photo: Parphet construction Marche' Lobby Dec 11,12Photo: Stone mockup wall Nov 12,12Photo: Prescat stairs installed  Nov 12,12Photo: South roof ready for roofing membrane Nov 12,12Photo: Marche Kitchen steel being erected Nov 12,12Photo: Marche Dining hall steel being erected Nov 12,12Photo: Brescia - Nov 8,12Photo: Brescia - Oct 26,12Photo: Brescia - Oct 25,12Photo: Brescia- Aug 27, 2012Photo: Brescia Marche foundation walls complete -Aug 27, 2012Photo: 3rd floor north wing masonry wall construction- Aug 27, 2012Photo: Brescia- Aug 20, 2012Photo: 2nd floor south wing masonry wall construction- Aug 20, 2012Photo: Brescia Lower parking lot paving- Aug 13, 2012Photo: Brescia Pouring concrete 2nd floor south wing- Aug 13, 2012Photo: Upper parking lot final grading underway July 27, 2012Photo: 2nd floor south floor - forming for concrete floor underway July 27, 2012Photo: 2nd floor north wing masonry wall construction underway July 27, 2012Photo: Marche' North foundation wall footing work July 23, 2012Photo: Busy overall site July 10, 2012Photo: March'e Footing and foundation wall underway July 6, 2012Photo: North wing masonry wall construction underway July 6, 2012Photo: 1st floor west wing poured July 6, 2012Photo: North wing masonry walls starting June 27, 2012Photo: Formwork for 1st floor elevator shaft walls - June 28, 2012Photo: Old Boiler removals - St. James basement - June 26, 2012Photo: 1st floor slab over basement being poured - June 20, 2012Photo: Marche footings being formed - June 20, 2012Photo: Boiler pipe installation between Residence & St. James bldg. - June 15, 2012Photo: Tower crane & Ursuline Hall BresciaPhoto: Tower crane & Ursuline Hall Brescia-June 13.2012Photo: Installing ungerground plumbing - North wing Brescia-
June 13.2012Photo: Electrical conduit for generator being installed June 13.2012Photo: Upper parking lot under construction
June 7.2012Photo: Scaffold for 1st floor slab being installed June 7, 2012Photo: Lower Parking lot curb work started May 31, 2012Photo: Basement floor work ongoing May 31, 2012Photo: First part of basement slab poured May 31, 2012Photo: North wing foundation  final wall being compleetd May 31, 2012Photo: New upper parking lot under construction May 31, 2012Photo: New upper parking lot dry pond construction, May 22, 2012Photo: Lower parking lot dry pond under construction, May 17, 2012Photo: Basement Waterproofing, May 17, 2012Photo: Foundation Backfilling NE corner, May 17, 2012Photo: Working on the foundationPhoto: Basement Construction, May 17, 2012Photo: New waterline installation, May 2, 2012Photo: Tower crane operational, May 1, 2012Photo: Foundation wall construction - NW corner, North Wing, May 2, 2012Photo: Sanitary sewer line installed, April 3, 2012Photo: Elevator Wall Forming, April 5, 2012Photo: First Footing Pour, March 30, 2012Photo: Initial basement excavation, March 20, 2012Photo: Site cleared, March 20, 2012Photo: Marche Clearstory WindowsPhoto: In-floor heat tubingPhoto: Marche View (looking East)Photo: Res room flooringPhoto: Brescia  Concrete curb laid in front of Marche' south wing April 29.13Photo: Brescia  Concrete sitting bench in Marche April 29.13Photo: Brescia  Marche bulkhead framing ready for drywall April 29.13Photo: Brescia  Marche' entrance curtain wall installed April 29.13Photo: Brescia Exterior sidewalk June 10.13Photo: Brescia Interior Courtyard view June 19.13Photo: Brescia Typical residence corridor June 21.13Photo: Brescia 2 tone Fiber cement panels installed June 21.13Photo: Brescia Emergency power generator June 21.13 006Photo: Brescia Interior courtyard fiber C panels installed June 21.13 005Photo: Brescia Polished concrete floor in Marche' corridor June 21.13 014