26 Photos - May 3, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: CFO, Trevor, biking to work through beautiful Eugene.Photo: CFO, Trevor, and COO, Noah, collaborating in T's office.Photo: Kids are welcome too! We've got a playstation set up to prove it :)Photo: Comfortable work spaces.Photo: Team collaboration in our biggest conference room, The Barn.Photo: Like we said, we love your kiddos almost as much as you. Developer meeting in conference room #2, The Kesey. Fun fact: You can see as far as the Sisters mountains on a clear day (That's 100+ miles away).Photo: VP of Biz Dev, Caroline Cummings, and Marketing Manager, Bailey Koharchick, share feedback on a recent video.Photo: Cozy chairs and a view!Photo: Andrea and Dave chat with Founder Tim Berry.Photo: Enjoy lunch at the bar and look down to the first floor from our 5 story skylight!Photo: We take ourselves pretty seriously here (obviously).Photo: A quick 15 minute standup meeting helps to keep us on track!Photo: CEO, Sabrina Parsons, on the phone in her office.Photo: UX Designer, Sydney D., works from the living room. (Aren't laptops handy?)Photo: Major building perk? Having a cafe by morning/bar by night on the first floor, within range of our wi-fi.Photo: Hey, developing the best business planning software is a tough job. Sometime you've gotta let off a little steam.Photo: Director of Sales, Jason Gallic, takes a minute to enjoy the floor skylight with CEO, Sabrina.Photo: Did we mention we've got a pizza place on the first floor? We can smell it all the way from the top. Mmmmm...Photo: COO, Noah ParsonsPhoto: VP of Business Development, Caroline CummingsPhoto: CEO, Sabrina ParsonsPhoto: VP of Business Development, Caroline Cummings