7 Photos - Apr 18, 2012
Photo: Here are the people that make Aspyr possible! Check back each week as we share a photo and bio of our awesome team members.Photo: This is Russ! He has been with Aspyr for nearly 2 years as our eCommerce Content and Community Manager, which means he heads up web marketing, social media outlets, and communication with consumers. After work hours you can find Russ watching a Texas Longhorn game, grilling with friends, and drinking some tasty Texas beer. He may be able to squeeze in some game-time on his xBox or on his iOS devices (assuming his wife is otherwise pre-occupied). He is a flavor-of-the-month kind of guy when it comes to gaming, but he is currently favoring Mass Effect 3 above the rest. Find Russ on Twitter and gaming networks with the username Loondogiv.Photo: Meet Luis! He has been with Aspyr for 1.5 years as our very own Graphic Designer. His time on the weekend is usually spent on audiovisual side projects, catching some flicks on the big screen, and catching up on sleep. His favorite game of all time is the action role-playing title, Deus Ex.Photo: Meet Amanda! She is our Social Media Marketing Intern and has been with the company for roughly 7 months. On any given weekend you can find her crafting some tasty creations in the kitchen or exploring the sights, tastes, and sounds of Austin. Amanda is currently waiting for her preordered copy of Diablo III and kicking ass in Mortal Kombat 9. You can find her with the xBox handle, MandaKaykes.Photo: This is Devin! He is Aspyr’s Creative Marketing Lead, which is a fancy way of saying he’s a graphic designer that works on Aspyr’s websites, game packaging, advertising, branding and other awesome stuff to make us look good. Devin hopes that all weekends are full of the great outdoors with some adult beverages and the great music scene that Austin has to offer. As for gaming, his all time favorite is Age of Empires II and is partial to anything Bioware.Photo: Meet Jas, Aspyr’s savvy PR Intern that has been with the company for 4 months. He likes to spend his weekends making up for lost Zs from the previous week. If he cannot be found in his bed, he is probably grazing the wonderful food that Austin has to offer. The games he played as a kid and are still his favorites today are The Secret of Monkey Island series. You can find Jas on Steam with jazzcow.Photo: Meet Kellen! He is Aspyr’s hard-working Marketing Intern that has been with the company for 9 months. Between juggling work and homework, he finds time on the weekends to game and hit up dive bars with friends. Kellen loves a good storyline so if he had to pick a favorite game, it would be Mass Effect and you can find him on xBox live or Steam with Kellatron.