39 Photos - May 27, 2014
Photo: Positive Hack Days OmskCTFPhoto: Positive Hack Days  APE TeamPhoto: Photo: Cicada 0C E5.Photo: hackup TeamPhoto: hackup TeamPhoto: rm -rf TeamPhoto: rm -rf TeamPhoto: rm -rf TeamPhoto: rm -rf TeamPhoto: CAT_IN_THE_DARK_WOOD & V&T TeamPhoto: hackup TeamPhoto: IP CameraPhoto: Quiet!Photo: Go-Go-Go!Photo: SnapshotPhoto: Snapshot of paradisePhoto: Cicada QR-CodePhoto: DiffPhoto: Mmmmm...Photo: BinarizationPhoto: Try to mergePhoto: See in XMLPhoto: Prize awardingPhoto: The Winners is brizzPhoto: All world in our handsPhoto: Welcome to PHDaysPhoto: The door opensPhoto: HiPhoto: Cheese! Anonymous!Photo: Mmmmm...Photo: Who can try to hack?Photo: Our toysPhoto: InterestinglyPhoto: InterestinglyPhoto: Look at me!Photo: Hack!Photo: All Ok, but...Photo: Oops!