48 Photos - Jul 22, 2011
Photo: Ultron with Speedpaint and Process shots. 

https://www.behance.net/gallery/21760305/Rise-of-UltronPhoto: SpawnPhoto: Afro SamuraiPhoto: StormPhoto: Green Kill Zone - contest art (90's video game theme)Photo: The Last Dragon Tribute PosterPhoto: 100% vector commissioned life-size poster art named "LAST". Developed for a music artist The Lady Jenn Bocian in her all female cast 300 inspired music video. 

You can view progress shots and speed paint here https://www.behance.net/gallery/LAST-ART/15624981Photo: Akuma Waveform (Evil Intent)
Poster Coming Soon!

View the development process and speedpaint here:
https://www.behance.net/gallery/Akuma-Waveform-(Evil-Intent)/14038195Photo: "In Your Dreams Bub"

Crossover Fan Art piece with two of the most famous slice and dice cult fiction characters! Logan vs Krueger

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View the work process and project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/In-Your-Dreams-Bub/13787987Photo: CViper Muted Poster Print "Coming Soon" http://HeyKMA.com/ (shop section)Photo: CViper Color Poster Print "Coming Soon" http://HeyKMA.com/ (shop section)Photo: "Gnosis" 
Piece developed for Intrinsic Nature Exhibit 14
http://IntrinsicNature.netPhoto: Check out the full behance step by step and speed paint: 

https://www.behance.net/gallery/Game-Day/14621443Photo: A.Sharp Illustration Part of Sharp Reality Gallery (Named: "Crescendo")Photo: A.Sharp Illustration Part of Sharp Reality Gallery (Named: "Decrescendo")Photo: A.Sharp Illustration Part of Sharp Reality Gallery (Named: "Staccato")Photo: A.Sharp Illustration Part of Sharp Reality Gallery Main Combined Piece (Named: "Syncopation")Photo: Ghost Rider Illustration (Final project of my Skillshare "Rock out with Adobe Illustrator! Skills for the emerging Artist." Create an Awesome Vector Character Illustration). #vector   #illustration   #art   #fanart   #ghostrider   #marvel   #comic   #drawing  Photo: Logo developed for a new "urban" store opening in Jersey City (i'm also developing a few shirts for them, some interesting stuff) This is going to be placed on their "products" as a label image. Should be opening soon. http://wolfjuice.com/Photo: Jungle BookPhoto: KnightfirePhoto: WarfarePhoto: Logo Illustration for Electronic Music Duo "Make Noize"Photo: Vector Illustration ("Vapor")Photo: Photo: ManEater illustration for Silent Killerz Bowling Company #art   #drawing   #illustration   #sketch   #vectorart   #vector   #illustrator   #adobe  One of many Characters/Illustrations i've done for their art series.Photo: Digital Illustration (Vector)Photo: Zen NinjaPhoto: Photo: SwannPhoto: NayMariePhoto: First illustration of the #StreetFighter IV series I'm doing.Photo: Lady RedPhoto: VixPhoto: IllustrationsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: BirdPhoto: Photo: Swann RaiderPhoto: Angelina JoliePhoto: Non Traditional Illustrated Logo for Silent Killerz Bowling

#illustration   #logo   #bowlingPhoto: Photo: Killerz GripPhoto: PhoenixPhoto: Tattoo Artwork done for an "Officer"... The image represents the good protective spirit of Tengu (original depiction), a Dragon which represents Power and Wisdom, The Tiger represents Courage, and the Samurai who is the central aspect of the illustration represents someone with great honor, also tying into the protective aspect which Tengu represents as well. The characters, when the image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise reads, Guardian Angel.

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