92 Photos - Apr 6, 2010
Photo: a heifer on a January afternoonPhoto: young heifers waiting on their feedPhoto: Mmmmmmm...fence-line fescue!Photo: Up close & personal with GDF#221Photo: GDF#638 "Lily Lou" and her newborn calfPhoto: Dry cows munching on hayPhoto: Extreme close-up!Photo: GDF#633 "Hi-Betty" stands beneath a shade treePhoto: Bleh!Photo: GDF#636 "Adelle" shading on a sunny September day.Photo: The cows are standing in line while being milkedPhoto: This cow is having her milk production measured.Photo: GDF#583, one of our best cows, poses for the camera.Photo: Chow time!Photo: young heifers at the hay ringPhoto: The grass is always greener on the other side.Photo: GDF#699 during her "dry period"...the two months before having a calf that she isn't milked.Photo: GDF#668 just a few days before giving birth to her second calf.Photo: pregnant heifers enjoying some dairy feed pelletsPhoto: delivering more feed troughs to a group of yearling heifersPhoto: A cow begins to lick her newborn calf clean.Photo: GDF#018, one of our oldest cows, and her newest calf.Photo: Old No. 7, or "Donkey" as our milkhand calls herPhoto: The milking herd grazing on a field of wheat & ryegrass.Photo: Two old dry cows on a beautiful Autumn morning.Photo: GDF#047 posing for the camera.Photo: cows standing in a grazing paddockPhoto: The milking herd leaving their grazing paddock en route to the milking barn.Photo: Cows enjoying their TMR feed...a mixture of hay, silage, and dairy feed.Photo: GDF#271 stands at attention.Photo: A young heifer casts a suspicious look at the camera.Photo: Young heifers standing in a pasture of ryegrass.Photo: We can milk 20 cows at one time, 10 on each side of the parlor.  The remaining cows wait in the holding pen in the background.Photo: Never leave the feed truck unattended in a pasture full of dry cows!Photo: These heifers are enjoying fresh bermudagrass just before sundown on a "mild" July evening.Photo: 113 licks off her first bull calf.Photo: Applying fly repellent to heifers, 9/5/13Photo: Let's go grazing!Photo: Ol' Number Seven.Photo: The Pasture Patrol!Photo: And lo, she was great with calf.Photo: Hanging out in the maternity pasture.Photo: Heifers enjoying some supplemental nutrition.Photo: Newborn baby calf warming on straw.Photo: "working" cowsPhoto: "Hey, y'all."Photo: another misty December morningPhoto: Catching calves before moving them to a fresh pasture.Photo: "Does my breath smell fresh enough?"Photo: This is how we milk our cows.Photo: Sunning on an early Spring morning.Photo: These cows have this grass grazed down about as low as they can.Photo: cows grazingPhoto: "...and so then she said..."Photo: Mama cows and baby calves.Photo: "Did I ever tell you about the time..."Photo: "He totally busted me trying to jump out of the milking line."Photo: misty January mornPhoto: What's this white stuff???Photo: Snowing? In Alabama???Photo: Traffic jam at the CR-36/Beaver Creek Rd intersection.Photo: Moooovin' on down the highwayPhoto: The cows are marching to their morning grazing paddock.Photo: The milking herd is entering a grazing paddock in the foreground, while heifers graze in the background.Photo: Yummy!Photo: "weighing" milkPhoto: It happens sometimes.Photo: A barn full of cows ready to milk.Photo: Cows enjoying a the clear morning.Photo: I call her "Tweet"Photo: Dry cows ready for breakfast!Photo: Two cows in the process of calving.Photo: Eat it up, girls, eat it up!Photo: 625 has a case of milk fever, but it's nothing a bottle of CMPK can't fix!Photo: The milk/colostrum from this fresh cow will be fed to calves for the next three days.Photo: Keeping water running and available for cows is always a challenge we have to overcome in freezing weather.Photo: slobbersicklesPhoto: Cow no.88 wouldn't get out of the road until she had her head and neck rubbed.Photo: Cows just before sunrise.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cow & newborn calf.Photo: Cow & newborn calf.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cows just before sunrise.Photo: Photo: Photo: